Fans of Kanye West’s Yeezy designs for Adidas know firsthand how difficult it can be to grab a pair at regular price before they sell out. With each release of new Yeezy sneakers, sizes typically sell out immediately before entering the resale market at significantly higher cost. Although this raises frustration from Adidas’ customers, the company purposefully operates this way to strategically build buzz and hype around Kanye’s limited, exclusive products.

However, this time around, Adidas created a different strategy with the release of Kanye’s Yeezy 350 Boost V2 sneakers. Currently, the shoes in Triple White are still available in a large range of sizes, although this doesn’t indicate a lack of interest from buyers.

Adidas already announced that for the first time, this particular sneaker will be available in much higher quantities than what most Yeezy buyers are used to. This change was not in hopes of gaining more customers, but to ensure that the hype train continues to drive forward by allowing the new Yeezy 350 Boost V2’s to become more accessible to a wider audience. During the release, Adidas stated this will mark “the most democratic drop in YEEZY history.”

Regarding the shoe itself, it presents a classic 350 Boost model designed in a clean, completely white exterior and interior. By Adidas turning to one of Kanye’s original and best-selling sneaker designs, Forbes believes the company “intends on making its signature, exclusive shoe a more democratic option worldwide—at least for the time being.”

While there is no announcement on whether another Yeezy shoe will be released in high quantities, this is by far the perfect time to snag a pair of exclusive Yeezys at regular price.

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