XTI Aircraft plans to begin deliveries for its TriFan 600 by 2023. Not to be confused with a tiltrotor such as the Leonardo AW609,  essentially a helicopter with wings, XTI’s aircraft is essentially a business jet with VTOL capabilities (vertical takeoff and landing).

The difference between the two is the performance, according to XTI.  The TriFan 600 is projected to fly faster, farther and higher than the AW609, according to its capabilities. It will have a maximum cruising speed of 345 mph, a range of 1,380 miles and an operating ceiling of 29,000 feet. The operating ceiling should put the aircraft above any potential bad weather, as Robb Report notes. The AW609 has a cruising speed of 316 mph, a range of 1,243 miles and an operating ceiling of 25,000 feet.

According to XTI, the TriFan 600 will be able to reach 29,000 feet in only 11 minutes, and it will get up to speed in just 90 seconds. In addition, it will be capable of landing and taking off from any helipad-sized paved surface.

The aircraft will seat four passengers pressurized cabin, which will feature the same level of comfort as an airliner’s business class. A fifth passenger can even sit in the cockpit, alongside the pilot. While there isn’t much baggage space available, there will be enough room for passengers to bring overnight bags.

XTI notes that the TriFan 600 is expected to be cheaper than Leonardo’s nine-seat tiltrotor. The estimated price of the TriFan 600 is $6.5 million, while reports show that the AW609 could cost as much as $20 million.

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