Wynn Las Vegas Not Mac Friendly

One of my pet peeves is when a site does not work properly on the Mac.  My irritation is  compounded  when the website caters to affluent individuals.  I don’t think even the most devout Windows user would disagree that Mac users, as a rule, make more money.  Even if you disagree with the fact that OS X is superior to Windows, a Mac sure as hell cost more.

So it really makes you wonder why of all hotels on the Las Vegas strip, The Wynn is the lease Mac friendly.  The average cost of a night at the Wynn is… well, I can’t say because I can’t get the reservation section.  I figured that after my recent complaints about the Palazzo, I should use the Wynn next time I’m looking for a nice getaway.  But their site won’t let me just click on Reservation, it wants me to disable parts of my browser.

I know all the “interweb” stuff can be confusing for some, but here is an idea; when you have someone do your website, hop on a computer and go see if you can book a room without incident.  Seriously, someone should lose their job over this type of thing.

I remember a former client, a major publisher in the financial space, whose site didn’t work on a Mac.  The response of their web dev team, “We don’t get a lot of Mac traffic, so what’s the point?”.  This response came from someone who makes six figures.  When I mentioned that perhaps if their site worked on a Mac, they may in fact see an uplift in area, the response was that it wasn’t worth the time because it was only 5% of the market share.  

I will now share that this was after a meeting where the General Manager of this company mentioned that he needed to see a 5% – 10% increase in traffic to the website.  And do they think that maybe people who can afford to plunk down $3k on a laptop, when most laptops cost under $1k, just might have enough cash to play in the stock market?  

The moral of this story is that us Mac users are a good demographic.

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