Goodbye Mike Griffin

It seems like most Democrats and Republicans agree that the transition is going well.   Both parties seem pretty happy with President-Elect Barack Obamas’ picks for cabinet positions, and even President Bush seems to be going along with things, at least 80% of the time.

But it looks like there is at least one unhappy camper, and that’s Mike Griffin, the current Administrator of NASA.   It seems Griffin is a little nervous about not only is own ass, but the asses of NASA contractors.  

Far be it from me to say that a George Bush appointee may first look out for himself, and contractors, than the American people, or the President, but that might be the case here.  

There are reports of heated conversations between Mike Griffin and Lori Graver, a member of the transition team for NASA, that end with Griffin demanding to speak to the President-Elect personally.  

Mike Griffin may be a little uptight over his pet project, the well over budget Constellation program, which is supposed to get us back to the moon, and then to Mars.  

Griffin knows that he is on his way out.   When you look at his comments about global warming, he clearly is someone whose opinion Obama is likely to not value.   Especially when the President-Elect is appointing people like Nobel prize winner Steven Chu to high positions in his administration.  

It sounds like Mike Griffin needs to start preparing his resume.   But in the meantime Mike, show some respect and leave with dignity.   Even President Bush seems to be able to manage that.

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