When Stoves Attack

The media focuses a lot on gun violence when it’s school shooting, or gang related, but what about appliance on idiot crime?   The fact is in the lifetime of this country, there has a never been an appliance brought up on criminal charges, yet the kill countless people each year.   Take for example poor Cory Davis of Sekiu, WA.  

Cory Davis was going about her business and stoked her cast iron heating stove to take the chill out of the Washington air.   Shortly after her harmless act, Cory heard a loud bang and felt a pain in her leg.   She realized then that she was a victim of appliance on idiot violence, and in her very own home!  

Cory realized that she may have inadvertently armed the stove when she tossed in some newspapers that may, or may not have included some shotgun shells.  

Fortunately, someone who keeps shotgun shells spilled around the house, and heats their home with a cast iron stove, is not afraid of a little self-surgery, and Cory Davis removed the metal fragments herself.   Her courage is inspiration for the rest of us, who would have been deeply shocked about being shot, and called for one of those wimpy ambulance.


  1. This is what happens when you mix guns and morons. I’m glad she at least lived to warn others about the dangers of putting shot guns amo in stoves.

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