Investing in Gold

With the insane downturn in the economy, I have this sudden urge to put all my money into more tangible assets.   So I have been considering investing in gold.   I have a client in the precious metal investing space, and their clients seem to be doing very well right now.  

But I have to admit to being even more a layman in precious metals that I am in the stock market.   For example, this article shows platinum slipping to near gold prices.   I would probably be pretty upset if I had just sunk a few thousand dollars in platinum, only to find out it’s worth the same price as gold.   I guess platinum is one thing you don’t want to hear is as “good as gold’.

Still, investing in gold seems like a safe bet compared to a lot of the roller coaster rides in the market right now.   I don’t see how gold would ever become completely worthless.   Even in the event of pure financial armageddon, gold bars would make a nice paperweight, as opposed to all the stock certificates, which wouldn’t even make good paper.

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