When in Houston

I just got back from Houston, someplace I had never been before. I didn’t get to spend a lot of time there, I was in and out in a couple of days. Mostly I noticed that is was freakishly humid. But I did meet some cool people, and went to a couple great places that I can recommend.

First, I had one of the best steaks I have ever had at Pappa Bros Steakhouse. I had the Filet Mignon, but I also had a bite of the Ribeye. Both were awesome, but I recommend the Filet. We also got some steak fries and onion rings, which were pretty damn good too. If you are into steak, you must check this place out while in Houston. Really unbelievable.

After the steak, we met up with some people at Downing Street Ltd., or sometimes referred to as 10 Downing (this is the address of the Prime Minister in England). This is a cool cigar bar with brandy. I didn’t really go for the cigars and brandy, but if that’s your thing, I can’t think of a better place for this after a great steak.

I stayed at the Marriot West Loop Galleria. I can’t recommend this place. The room was so-so, the service was so-so. They seem to have an issue getting hot water. I had to wait for it a bit when I wanted to shower. Also, they put me in room facing the pool and their conference hall, which had a fashion show. Normally putting me in a room facing models on a runway would be a plus, but I was tired and wanted to sleep, the show was really, really loud, and the models were not really very attractive. So, it just sucked. Plus it was weird that it felt like people at the pool could see me through the window. I did a little dance in my underwear for one particularly attractive lady at the pool. She left, to seek me out in person I assume, although she never found my room.

Overall, Houston was cool. Not as uptight as Dallas, but not quite as laid back as Austin (which is one of the best city’s on the planet). I look forward to seeing more of it sometime, but not in the summer hopefully.

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