Whacking an entire town

Shawano, Wisconsin is a nice small town of approximately 45,000 people.   The town was founded in 1853, and named from the Menominee word Sawano, which means South.   This can be misleading because the town is located in northeast Winsconsin.   But that’s not the oddest thing about this town.

David Lynch made television history with his stories about a fictional town with eccentric characters, and diabolical murder plots.   But Twin Peaks has nothing on Shawano.   Shawano has, what locals claim to be, it’s own cult, S.I.S.T., which stands for the Samanta Roy Institute of Science and Technology.  

Samantha Roy is a 67 year old man from India who used to go by “Rama Behera”.

The Shawano police recently arrested the S.I.S.T CEO, Naomi Isaacson.   For what reason I’m not really sure.   One article says for loitering, which I can’t imagine being an offense punishable by jail time, at least not in most parts of the country.  

Naomi, a 34 year old Jewish attorney, and evidently follower of Samantha Roy, refused to eat while in jail, but she says that’s because they would not allow her kosher food.   Her arrest seems to have something to do with members of SIST videotaping the home of Mayor Lorna Marquardt.   An earlier arrest of a reported SIST member, Zechariah  Sindt, although SIST seems to be saying that he is not a member, was for that reason.   Although their over zealous attorney Alan Eisenberg says Zechariah is not a member of SIST.

Confused yet?   It gets better.   It has now come to the attention of the town that SIST may have put a contract out on the lives of 60 town residents, including the mayor and most of the members of the town officials.  

CBS is reporting that a Canadian businessman named Bob Cameron is working with the FBI, and has told law enforcement officials that SIST wired him $175,000 for payment to kill 60 people.   Why would SIST ask some guy in Canada who sold them go karts to do this?   His wife is Italian.   This coming from a group that constantly claims discrimination!  

In their defense, Cameron claims to have went along with their ideas, and even falsely boasted about his own Mafia ties.  

Now mayor Marquardt has had bullet proof glass installed, and is paranoid.   The rest of the town is on edge, and the whole thing looks ripe to explode.  

Of course SIST denies all of this, and put out a press release, written by Naomi Isaacson, on a website they control:


The security alert in the city of Shawano, Wisconsin, the home of approximately 8,000 people, is a scandal and miscarriage of justice. The extra security measures, the metal detectors, police escort, and searches, are nothing but a ruse by Mayor Lorna Marquardt, City Administrator Jim Stadler, Police Chief Ed Whealon and other city officials to conceal the City officials’ illegal interference with SIST’s financial and business affairs.

Most recently, a Canadian individual, named Robert Cameron, told SIST that he had been hired by City officials, namely Lorna Marquardt, Jim Stadler, and Ed Whealon to rob $175,000 from SIST. Cameron came to SIST under the guise of wanting to be hired as a promoter for a racetrack owned by an SIST affiliate. To further entice SIST to accept Cameron’s racetrack promoter ploy, Cameron offered to lend SIST $10 million. Said loan was to be funded within 24 hours of SIST’s payment of the $175,000 racetrack promotion fee. SIST wired the $175,000 to Cameron on October 28, 2008.

Cameron acknowledged receipt of the same on October 31, 2008. SIST’s $10 million was to have been wired on November 1, 2008. Instead, after scam artist Cameron took the $175,000, he informed SIST that he was a hired gun for Lorna Marquardt, Ed Whealon, and the FBI to rob SIST.

Since the exploitation, SIST has not done anything, knowing according to Cameron’s information that the FBI are involved. Apparently, from illegally tapping SIST land lines and cell phones, city officials learned that SIST planned to wait to pursue recovery of the $175,000 until the Obama administration takes office to protect the rights of minority groups in this country. City officials, scared by the thought of being exposed, rushed to start a scandalous security alert propaganda campaign against SIST by creating a “hit list” to rouse, enflame, and terrorize the public to bring about our demise.

Ironically, Cameron resurfaced at one of SIST’s businesses on Tuesday, November 11, 2008. Cameron informed SIST that he has been meeting with Lorna Marquardt, Jim Stadler, Ed Whealon, and other city officials from time to time to plan the deadly swindle. Cameron told us that the judges, local officials such as Lorna Marquardt, Jim Stadler, Ed Whealon, Marlene Brath, attorneys, local businessmen meet bi-weekly to strategize on our demise.

He said that city officials expressed the opinion that they already had SIST by the throat and now they just needed to finish us off before Bush leaves office. When we asked Cameron if he was going to return the $175,000, he said certainly not. The money had already been distributed between the city officials and FBI. He only had only a small portion left for himself. The following day, Wednesday, November 12, 2008, city officials decide to make their seditious terror alert news to the world. We are responding by this press release.

Since the media is on their side, within minutes, the city has been able to spread this venomous lie across the country and start a treasonous national security alert against SIST. After more than three decades of attempted murders, bombings, death threats, physical beatings, harassment, vandalism, robberies, burglaries, lootings, moonings and business interference against SIST, not a single media has ever stepped forward to publish the truth about what is happening in this community. That is the reason for this press release.

Channel 7, a CBS affiliate television station, which has aired a number of unconscionable programs against SIST and its President, then posted their programs on the internet. Their site is being used to make death threats, racial slurs, and outrageous baseless allegations against our President, to incite and encourage the public to physically and sociologically harm him and ultimately kill him, and destroy SIST’s businesses.

Despite all this physical and emotional torture, in all these years, SIST has never even raised its finger against anyone. Now I heard that SWAT teams are training in Wausau to come and kill us.

From this press release, where can we go from here? There is no justice in the City of Shawano, State of Wisconsin, country of USA. The world community needs to know what is happening in this hellhole city of Shawano. The world community needs to move in and rescue us from the hands of these dangerous City of Shawano officials. By this press release, we invite international leaders and people from around the globe to come and investigate the justice in Shawano.

If Shawano officials can make up such a story and create such a frame-up, what will they come up with next? We are calling upon state, federal, international and world communities or any agency in the whole universe to come to our rescue quickly after seeing this unimaginable frame-up that happened right here in the City of Shawano, State of Wisconsin, in the United States.

Just look at my wrists which were fractured and dislocated by Shawano Police Officer Atkinson when he arrested me for being on my own property. Atkinson then files an outrageous false complaint alleging that I refused to give my name and gets Shawano District Attorney Greg Parker to file charges for criminal obstruction of justice.

The world court needs to move in as judge in this matter. People and nations from around the world need to know what kind of democracy and freedom exist in the city of Shawano, State of Wisconsin, in the United States in the 21st century.


It appears the Naomi has a lot of time on her hands.   I have to admit that I think both sides have a point here, but it seems like an odd story for Cameron to make up.   And I don’t know how SIST can honestly say that none of their members would ever do anything like this.   They do appear to be odd people, to say the least.  

This story is going to unfold more, and it looks to be coming to a bad end.   Issues of cults are always difficult, mainly because who do we rely on to tell us what’s a cult, and what’s a religion?   There has been no reports of gun build up, or child abuse.   The issue the town seems to have with SIST is that they are different, and they are buying up a large amount of the town.

And SIST seems to have an issue with being treated unfairly by another group.   It always makes me laugh when I hear about a group of close-knit, secretive people, complain that other groups discriminate against them.   As I get older I have less tolerance for any discriminating group, and find them all to be hypocritical.

No matter whose right or wrong, it looks like this issue has hit the tipping point.   It’s time for someone to go there and deal with these people before they kill each other, or hire Canadians to do it for them.   SIST looks like it’s filled with unstable wack-jobs, and the town looks to be comprised of bigots planing on voting for Sarah Palin in 2012.  

You can read more about SIST at this site by Rick Ross here.   And then ,just to be fair, you can read about Rick Ross over at the SIST website here.  You can also check out Naomi’s MySpace page here.  


  1. Someone needs to investigate the bombing that happened on SIST property, and the bullets that got fired into one of their buildings a year ago, or so. It sure seems like a setup by government officials. One would think that if SIST was going to do something violent, it would have been done long ago. Someone should also investigate the city of Shawano charging outrageous taxes on some of their properties, ex: one of the properties they own is swampland and being charged as prime farmland. I was hoping Armen Keteyian would actually do some investigative reporting about all of the death-threats, bombings, gunshots, etc to these people seeing as how it should all be in the Shawano files and in their paperwork. Sorely disappointed right now. It looks like genocide to me from the way the city is setting all of this up.

  2. Zech Sindt is an idiot. There has not been one report of anyone at SIST being harmed by the town. That’s the problem with SIST, they think they are so important, that they start throwing around terms like genocide, when no one has ever been killed or injured. They are all this nuts.

  3. For a lot more information on this bizarre cult now called SIST, go to http://www.wsaw.com and click on “Secrets in Shawano”. There are articles, videos, and thousands of blog entries that expose the control, abuse, and insanity of the cult and its leader.

  4. The one thin that i love here is that after zech sindt posted his comment all other’s shut the hell up I mean why.are you saying you agree with him?

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