Las Vegas Snow Storm

The one thing I thought I was leaving behind me when I moved to Las Vegas was snow storms.   I guess that’s not really the case.   Yesterday we got nailed by a pretty good snow storm.   Nothing on the same level as Chicago on a bad day, but pretty on par for an average Chicago winter day.  

It’s pretty surreal to look out and see snow covered palm trees.   And of course the strip looks different than what most postcards show.   But the real problem is that Las Vegas is not equipped to handle snow.  

Many people don’t know how to drive on icy and snow covered streets, and Las Vegas only has a handful of snow plows.   The airports don’t have de-icing machines, so the airport is pretty much dead.   The schools are shut down, and the streets are pretty empty.  

I guess it’s pretty cool though that I get to have my first winter in Las Vegas include a snow storm.   But it would have been a little cooler if it happened on Christmas.   It looks like we will break the record of 2 inches on the strip.   The original record was set back in 1967.

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