UnSkinny Bop, Poison Tribute Band

Last night we decided to have a nice dinner out and catch a movie.   The Wrestler was playing at Green Valley Ranch, and I have really been wanting to see it.   So I purchased a couple tickets for the movie, made reservations for Hank’s (the best restaurant in GVR), and we headed out.

After dinner and the movie, both of which were fantastic, we stopped by Ovation, which is where bands play at GVR.   As I walked up, I failed to notice the poster for a UFC fight was for that night, and I paid an admission, unknowingly to watch a replay of a UFC fight on a big screen.   I checked with the guy at the door, and he assured me that the band would start right after the fight.   So I figured I would wait it out.

After some issues with Green Valley Ranch employees that you can read about here, UnSkinny, a Poison tribute band came out.   I can’t help but wonder what makes musicians decide that a Poison tribute band is a good idea, I guess maybe because there are so many Van Halen, AC/DC, Metallica, and Journey tribute bands already, they figure they can be more niche.  

But anyway, they come out with the full Poison style wigs and tight shinny pants and begin to play.   I was really surprised at how much fun the audience had.   First off, you have to figure that these are people here to see a Poison tribute band, so they must really like Poison to begin with, but even so, they really had a good time.

At one point, a dwarf-like women stepped up to the stage and grabbed at fake Brett Michaels’ junk.   How many people can say they saw that this Saturday?

I liked the fact that UnSkinny Bop didn’t just stick to the traditional Poison catalog.   They did a little Kiss and other bands.   And they didn’t try to take themselves seriously, which is good because I don’t think anyone else could either.   In the end, they did a great job representing Poison, which is to say they were just out to have a good time and play some cool music.  

Unfortunately  my girlfriend, the consummate buzz kill, didn’t want to hang for the second set.   Leaving before a Poison tribute plan does ‘Talk Dirty to Me’ seems like the very definition of crazy, but I’m sure I’ll catch them again.

If you get the chance to catch UnSkinny Bop, you should take it.   It’s nothin’ but a good time.


  1. Thanks for the review, we are glad you liked the show! We are at Santa Fe Station this Friday January 23rd!! UnSkinny Bop.

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