Green Valley Ranch Needs Help

I would like to take a moment to talk about what dicks Green Valley Ranch employs.   When I purchased my ticket, I was told that each was good for a free drink.   The bar was packed during the fight, and we never had a visit from a waitress, so we just waited it out.   After the fight was over, I walked up to the bar, had to wait for 5 minutes, even though I was the only one ordering a drink.   The bartender finally arrived, I handed him my tickets, and was told that they were no longer good because the fight is over.   I explained that I just got the ticker 20 minutes ago, but he didn’t seem to care.   He said they already closed out the register, so he asked “what do you want me to do about it?”.   I explained that since we are in a place that is supposed to be a high quality establishment, he could practice reasonable customer service and honor a ticket that was given to me 20 minutes ago.   He literally laughed at this idea.  

So after paying for a couple drinks, which were incredibly weak by the way, I asked my girlfriend to watch my things while I ran out to the bathroom.   The fight was now over, and they were setting up for the band.   I walked out to the casino and found the bathroom (which I have to say is very nice at GVR).   I headed back to Ovation, and headed to the door.   That’s when some ass steps in front of me and ask, “where do you think you’re going?”.   Literally, this is how thy speak to guest.   I figured he needed to see my ticket and hand stamp so I showed him.   “That’s not good anymore” he said.   I explained to him that I was just here to listen to music, and needed to get back inside to do so.   “You need to come back in an hour.” he said.   So explained that my drinks, my cell phone, and girlfriend were all sitting at a table inside.   “Go get them and then come back out” he said.   I went inside and completely ignored the ass.  

It’s a shame that someplace that is supposed to be set up for locals to have a good time treats people like shit.   The management of Green Valley Ranch may want to talk to their employees about not ruining evening of people who pay their salaries.   It’s doubtful I’ll be spending another evening hanging out at GVR when I get treated like shit.   Which is a shame because I enjoyed Hank’s very much, and thought the band was pretty good.   Plus, they usually have Michael Grim playing there, who I really like.

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