Turn Your iPhone into a Universal Remote

I cannot tell you how many times I have wished that my iPhone was a remote for the TV. Doesn’t everyone have trouble finding the remote control for the TV? And wouldn’t it make sense to just make an app that acted as a TV remote when you can’t find the remote or are too lazy to get up and get it. Apparently Zero1.tv thinks so.

A German-based company called Zer1.tv has created a remote just for me. It is a universal remote for your iPhone or iPod touch. Called the VooMote One it can control practically all infrared consumer electronic devices including televisions, video projectors and even gaming consoles.

Now, the idea itself isn’t new and there are other apps that do similar things but usually only work on Bluetooth. They don’t actually use infrared. But it’s still pretty cool.

So how does it work? You place your iPhone or iPod touch into an infrared-blasting sleeve. Set up your devices, you can even group them by room and voila. You now have a universal remote.

The app itself is free to download in the app store but the sleeve costs about $100. It is planned to be released on August 5, 2011.


  1. Stuff like this, Sonos and Airplay features are making a good case to own a separate iPod Touch just for the house.

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