Buy The Dude’s Bungalow

Big lobowski home
The Dude's Venice Bungalow is for sale. Just bring your own rug to tie the place together.

Picture this; you come home from getting some groceries at Albertson’s, you walk in the door to your 1 bedroom bungalow, and a couple of goons grab you.   After smacking you around a bit, one drags you to your bathroom and proceeds to give you a flushy, without the courtesy flush.   Meanwhile his jackass friend proceeds to urinate on the rug that brought the whole room together.   This was a horrible day for The Dude, but admit it, it would be cool to own his house.

For those who remember, The Dude lived in a little 1 bedroom in Venice.   It was a quaint place until the incident.   This was not the only attack to which the dude would fall victim.   A group of three nihilist germans also broke on behest of  Julianne  Moore to steal back the stolen replacement rug.   But I’m sure despite all this, the neighborhood is safe.

Mr. Winston Cenac and his partner Golda Savage are offering you the opportunity of a lifetime.   You can not only own The Dude’s place, but also own the bungalows of his five neighbors.   The sellers want you to know that it’s only blocks to the beach and Abbot Kinney.   They are bigger than average bungalows, feature a nice side yard, garage parking and a gated courtyard, which evidently doesn’t offer much in the area of security.

From what I was, it’s also not too far from the bowling alley and only a short drive to the In & Out.

I would hope on this if I were you.   Just imagine kicking back with your White Russian and chilling.   While at it, you may want to pick up The Dude’s sweater.   All you need is $2.3 million, plus the rug that ties it together.   If you need to check it out, or break it to pee on someone’s rug, the address is:   606-608 Venezia Ave., Venice, CA.

And as always, The Dude Abides.

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