Trasylol Lawsuits Heating Up

When Trasylol (also known as  Aprotinin)  out, it was supposed to save lives.   But now, like so many other drugs, Trasylol is being blamed for killing the very people it was meant to save.  

The drug is used during complexed surgery, like heart or liver surgery, to slow down fibrinolysis.   This should decrease the need for a blood transfusion, which is never a great process.

But in 2007 Trasylol became suspected of causing complications that eventually lead to death.   And in 2008, enough evidence was produced that it was permanently taken off the market.  

Since that time a lot of victims of the drug have started seeking legal help in their claim against the maker of the drug, Bayer.   Bayer made millions, if not billions, off a drug that put thousands of people at significant risk, so now it’s time to pay up.   Clearly Bayer should not be allowed to profit from this.

Attorneys like Justin Demerath of Austin, Texas are helping victims get the protection they deserve by representing them in their Trasylol lawsuit against Bayer.  

Only time will tell what impact this has on Bayer, but clearly this will help send the message that drugs need to be better tested by both the drug maker, and the FDA.

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