How to get Free Breast Implants

Have you been looking to get free breast implants? If so, then you need to check out, a website that can help anyone earn a free breast augmentation. Imagine MySpace with a twist, women selling their souls for a pair of free boobs. The site has given away free boob jobs for 280 young ladies.

The concept of the site is unique. Women post pictures and men pay money to talk to them. The women earn a small percentage. Woman can also collect donations from men. Men, called benefactors, usually get custom pictures or videos for their donations and more often than not the photos are nudes. It is a form of prostitution, but hey, it is all for the betterment of society, right?

It’s sad that society has placed such pressure on women to be perfect and beautiful. The value of a woman shouldn’t be decided by the size of her chest. It is even worse when a woman has to sell her own body to get what she wants. I’m not against cosmetic surgery at all, I’ve had it myself, and everyone deserves the right to be happy with themselves and the way they look but this is a whole new level entirely.

It really irks me to hear girls talk about this and calling it their cause. Instead of raising money for poverty, world hunger, the environment or even animal rights these girls consider their breast augmentation ‘their cause’. The site also doesn’t offer any other cosmetic or corrective surgery procedures. What about those women that are over-endowed, do they get a breast reduction? Nope.

It isn’t like they aren’t working for the money. They work by keeping their benefactors happy. It still takes these women months to earn enough cash for the surgery. In that amount of time they probably could have gotten a part-time job and done it without ever baring their body. The site even allows girls to customize and print their own business cards!

The men feel some sense of control over these women. The men get what they want and the women get what they want as well so everyone is happy. Sadly this is the world we live in.

Who else is tired of the cookie cutter look? We (women and men) come in all shapes and sizes.

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