The Louvre Hosts Special Beyonce and Jay Z Inspired Tours

louvre beyonce and jay-z tour

There’s no denying the world wide love that exists for the beyond well-known artist, Beyonce. In accordance to her massive fame and admiration is the same fan love for her husband Jay Z. The two were superstars prior to their marriage in 2008, and have only got insanely bigger since. They might be some of the most well known, and wealthy, musicians out there.

Beyonce is known for her beautiful ballots, great beats, and songs sun from the heart; and the pit of her stomach. Beyonce’s latest solo album dropped in April of 2016, titled “Lemonade”. This album was a huge turning point in Queen Bey’s style. Accompanying “Lemonade”’s audio album was a visual album. Essentially a movie, it was a compilation of full-length, storyline music videos to each song on the album. However, there was a twist. The album featured songs that exposes the adulterous acts of her husband, Jay Z. Fans went crazy; these weren’t just allegations, she was coming out about it! Jay was under heavy heat for a while post its release. People wanted all the juicy details, which were never fully released aside from speculation and “conspiracies”. However, the two remained together as a couple, and parents to their daughter Blue Ivy.

Their success only grew from there. Jay Z’s career surprisingly profited from this media attention, which aided in the growth of their music streaming service Tidal. The power couple seemingly moved on from the mess and continued to stack their cash, and bask in fame.

This year, fans have talked and came to the conclusion that Beyonce would be dropping an album. But of course, there’s always a twist. Instead of releasing a solo album, Beyonce and Jay Z released a joint album titled “EVERYTHING IS LOVE”. This was unexpected, but made sense. The album itself has a twist…Beyonce rapping!

Bey was never one to release a full rap album, or even really rap on a song. Although, we could have definitely predicted this; and some fans did. The album by The Carters includes nine songs, and one bonus song if streamed on Tidal. The couple talks about how happy they are on the album, how they prosper with their friends, and their blessings. They also mention their two recently born twins, Rumi and Sir. There are also lines referring to the cheating and renewal of their vows.

Since Beyonce always goes big, the music video for their single “Apeshit” had to be insanely good. They did something that not even Kim Kardashian and Kanye West could do; they rented out the Louvre. The Louvre is one of the most famous museums in the world, located in Paris, France. It contains famous paintings and other art pieces, like the priceless Mona Lisa and Venus de Milo. The video was beyond aesthetically pleasing, and crazy to believe. How powerful do you have to be to rent out The Louvre? Answer: just about Bey and Jay famous. It’s clear that money is no obstacle to them.

Since The Louvre got so much hype after the video was released, they decided to offer a special service. Beyonce and Jay Z-inspired tours are now being held throughout their many galleries. This program is about 90-minutes long, focusing on educating visitors on all the works that were featured in the Apeshit video. Though sadly, not everyone can go to Paris. This is no problem! Online versions of the Bey and Jay Louvre tour will be offered!

It’s safe to say that Bey and Jay are securing yet another check to add to their fortune. Aside form the money aspect, who wouldn’t want to experience the greatness that they got to experience and expand upon? Who knows what national treasure they’ll take on next.

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