The Cost of Car Repairs

Few things are as frustrating as an unplanned car repair expense. Last week I had to replace the tires on one of my cars for $500! Now it’s not as expensive as some repairs, like a Mercedes Radiator, but still pricey.

And when did tires get this expensive? I used to see signs all the time for “4 tires for $99”. I understand that those were probably crappy tires, but 5 items the price seems excessive. I got one of the lower priced, all season, brand name models.

Hopefully I at least won’t see that expense again any time soon.

On the upside of things, I waxed my new car this weekend with P21S car wax. It turned out awesome. I took some pictures that I uploaded to Flickr, I hope they can show how amazingly shinny it made my car.

Update: Added the picture of the car after being waxed with P21S. The pic didn’t come out as good as I had hoped. It really is amazingly bright.

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