The Big Bang Pistol Set is a timeless design of 1911, displaying the ageless significance of interstellar materials with innovative techniques. Cabot’s magnum opus takes an all-American gun company with a trinity of circumstance that is fused together into the most magnificent vision, leading to the stunning Big Bang Pistol Set.

Desiring to be different, Cabot’s innovative design and manufacturing team began a project from a 4.5 billion-year-old meteorite. The guns within the set were forged from metals discovered in the Gibeon meteorite. It initially fell in Namibia and is named for the nearest town after English captain J.E. Alexander found it in 1836.

Rob Bianchin, founder and president of Indiana-based Cabot Guns, said the guns were brought into the spotlight by many after acknowledging how they were made.

“I have been told by many collectors and experts that The Big Bang Pistol set are the ‘holy grail’ of collectable firearms,” Bianchin said in comments obtained by SWNS. “These will be the crown jewel of any collection — they will appeal to both firearm collectors as well as those fascinated with space and engineering.”Bianchin added, “Gibeon meteorite [metals] exhibit the most desirable crystalline pattern and are the most desired of all iron meteorites.”

The M1911 pistols are similar to weapons that were used in WWI and WWII. They are coated with a tanned-metallic rock with the word “Widmanstätten” displayed. The set is attracting attention from all over, including a “hedge fund billionaire, a tech mogul, an industrialist and a royal.”

“Man has been crafting weapons since the dawn of time, it predates speech,” Bianchin said. “I don’t believe anything more outrageous or complex in a pistol can trump this.”

Cabot says, “Billions of years through time and space are perfected now into an ultimate achievement of American design, willpower, and can-do spirit.” Cabot Guns set out to accomplish something truly unique in the creation of the Big Bang Pistol Set. Several small parts and accessories were long made from exotic and rare materials, but never before has a modern weapon been crafted the way the set is. The company couldn’t settle with just one pistol, so they built two. The serial numbers for each pistol were individualized to reflect the geographic earth coordinates where the meteor once laid.

“In crafting the Big Bang Pistol Set, we wished to maintain as much out-of-this-world detail in our finished product as was possible. On close inspection, “voids” in the material itself are able to be discerned, oxidation of high-iron content areas gives a hint of the meteor’s age, and exposed “bark” from its outermost shell adorns numerous surface features of the pistols,” says Cabot.

The Big Bang Pistol Set will be for auction at a later time. To submit your interest in the $4.5 million set, you can call 1-800-THE-1911 or email at [email protected]

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