Tesla Includes Autonomous Parking Mode In Their Model 3

tesla model 3 parking

Tesla’s Model 3 now comes equipped with a system called “Summon” that enables the car to park itself. The new feature on the Sedan works in partnership with its independent driving capabilities. By using Summon, car owners can command the vehicle to pull into a parking spot by itself, park, and then power down. In addition, it can control garage door functions without a driver and without being remotely controlled. The feature was previously added by Tesla to their Model S and Model X last year.

The feature is the most recently added after the launch of Tesla’s model three. The company aims to continuously keep up with their production goals regarding the Mode 3’s; therefore the connected platform makes it easy to continue to add new features to already-built vehicles as upgrades.

It also comes with other cool features such as a 15-inch central touchscreen display; which is essentially the “brains of the car”. The touchscreen’s model FM includes a radio with internet streaming capabilities. It also has a backup camera and autopilot capabilities. Consumers can peruse through an even more extensive features list on Business Insider’s website. More information on Model 3 and all its other features on the designated website.

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