Teenage violence on the elderly

Jeffrey Nelson, 19, Luis Osborne, 18, and Antoinette Baker, 18 are charged with the attack on a 75 year old lady, Natalie Herbst-Vinge.

Nelson originally was allowed into the home of Herbst-Vinge as a carpet company salesman, selling her a Kirby vaacum. He came back later with the ruse of using her phone, attacked her from behind when she let him in, and choking her into unconsciousness. After tying her up, gagging her and ransacking the home for credit cards and money, he called his two friends, Osborne and Baker.

They put the woman in the trunk of the car, who was held there for over 26 hours as they drove around town, stopping at various locations, including the nearby beach. At one point, after she had chewed through the duct tape, Herbst-Vinge managed to scream for help at a gas station, but was only heard from her assailants. They punched her over and over in the face, and also refused her water and food.

The three were arrested when police pulled the trio over after they ran a red light, and found her in the truck. They now face charges of torture, kidnapping, assault, willful cruelty to the elderly, theft and assault. More charges may be pending.

Herbst-Vinge was hospitalized, and reports show that she probably had a small heart attack during the kidnapping. She is expected to recover and is in good spirits.

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