Arrested after downloading and following an e-book

From Bedford, Ohio- After following a website on the Internet, which gave directions on how to commit armed robbery, three women were charged with attempted robbery of a dollar store.

Jocelyn Addison, 19, Nia McBrayer, 21, and Jennifer Watson, 18, downloaded a copy of “How to Commit Robbery in Six Easy Steps” and printed it out. They gathered ski masks and an unloaded BB gun, and took off for their local Dollar Tree store. After accosting the manager, the girls walked away empty handed when the lady was able to convince them that she was not able to get the store’s safe open to give them any money. The three then left the store, and were confronted a mile or so away by police officers.

The three quickly confessed to the attempt with many tears, and surrendered themselves to the police. They tried to explain the motive for the crime as being because one of the three had been ejected from her house and was broke. They were arrested and taken off to jail, and subsequently charged with armed robbery. When police officers searched the get-away car used in the robbery, they found the printed instructions on how to commit a robbery in six steps.

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Opuntia macrocentra Engelm. var. minor Anthony

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