SXSW Day 2

Okay, Day 2 has come and gone. Here is how it went.

How / Why to Podcast An Event

Once again I have to say that this wasn’t what I thought it would be. Maybe I’m missing something. I won’t even go into the details, there are plenty of people covering this thing to death. I’m just going to say, thumbs down.

Meet Judy Jetson

Once again, I really thought this would be more interesting. I think it’s safe to say that I already knew that teenage girls listen to their iPod, chat, and blog. There was one girl from Iran who I was very impressed with though. Very well spoken and thoughtful. It would be nice if I thought our future was made up of people like this. But, I’m sounding very old.

Demystifying the Mobile Web

This was good. I actually enjoyed the session, and I feel better that everyone, including the experts, are just as much in the dark as I am about this. Some of USWeb’s competitors are touting mobile search solutions. Their copy of course just smells of vaporware, and they really have no idea. Obviously mobile search is just going to be people using Google, and Google checking to see if your site can be viewed in those browsers. One of our less than bright competitors (I won’t say who) actually has a link on their home page to their (mobile edition). This is especially funny because their site has Flash. So†¦how would someone with a mobile device see their home page to click on the button? I know they probably have detection built in, but the very fact the button is there just shows they want clients to think they know something about this. Posers.

Running a New Media Business

This was interesting. I really enjoyed hearing from some other businesses out there, and it’s always nice to hear that other people are dealing with the same issues I deal with everyday. The moderator is the COO of AdaptivePath, and I think they are just an incredibly talented group of people. The whole panel really did a great job, and I have to give them a lot of credit to go up and bare so much. I would love to be on this next year. (hint, hint)

Roll Your Own Web Confrence

This was pretty good. Jeffrey Zledman led a great, frank discussion, and Jason Fried even gave some great practical advice about a terrific facility in Chicago to hold events. I forget the name, but you should ask him if you’re looking for a place. It sounded like an outstanding deal. BTW, it was referred to him by Ryan Casron. I just finished listening to his conference on the plane ride in. Very, very well done.

Day 2 was on par with Day 1. I have to say that for me, Jason Fried is really saving this thing. I remember SXSW being better last year.

But it’s about to get worse, because my panel is coming up tomorrow. I’m very nervous. I have never had to address such a well informed crowd before. These guys know their shit. I did a quick run through with Aaron and Eric Meyers. I think I should be okay. If I’m not, it’s just karma for me talking shit about all the other speakers at SXSW. For the record, I don’t think I’ll do any better. But, I’ll try to explain everything I can on whatever people ask. I feel good about doing SXSW because I’m not trying to push out USWeb to potential clients. These guys are developers, and I want to honestly share what I know with them. I think they can use some of this info to land deals. I know how hard it is to sell good development work when so many firms are willing to do it poorly for much less. I’m hoping that SEO can help them sell Web Standards to their clients. Wish me luck.

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