I’m a Friend of Jason F.

Jason Fried is huge at SXSW.   Huge to the point of actually starting to become unpopular. But I must just be a lemming, because I’m buying into everything he is saying 100%.   Being in a similar situation at Jason, I recognize the genius in what he is saying.   USWeb has been heading down the same road (slightly forked) for a while.

His disdain for functional specs, his decision to put together his own products, and his outlook on staying small, all make sense to me.

Jason is not telling me thing I didn’t know, but he is showing me, and everyone else in this situation, that we are not alone in our thinking and troubles.   He has been the best speaker yet at SXSW.   If you haven’t read his new book, do so quickly.   You can get it at 37signals.com.

My name is Ed, and I’m a recovering Functional Specsoholic.

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