Arrived in Austin for SXSW

I am incredibly tired from my flight.   The bitch about living in a small town is the lack of airports.   I have to fly out of Medford, where the furthest they go is Denver, and First Class is non-existent. So, guess who was stuck in coach the entire trip.   I have to say that I think United may be the best domestic airline right now, besides Jet Blue. The seats are at least nice.   Better than American, where on my last trip some dude with Lisa Loeb glasses gave me shit about wanting to upgrade.

Got into Austin at 11, and in my hotel a little before midnight.   I ran into Chris Pirillo in the lobby.   I wanted to introduce myself, but he looked tired and hungry, and I didn’t want to be “that guyâ€?.   I had a short talk with a very hot girl in the elevator who knew what floor I was on because she was “paying attentionâ€? when I checked in.   Of course as a guy I think that means she has the hots for me, but as I said, I’m tired and not thinking straight.   I called Russ when I got into my room, which from his groggy voice I could tell he really appreciated.

I do have to say that I have a kick ass hotel room.   I have a suite here because that’s all they had left by the time I made my reservation.   At least that’s what I told Andy.   Just kidding.   He gets on me sometimes about my choice of hotels.

I love Austin.   I can hear the music from the clubs in my room.   I have to admit to being a dork with no social life, but something about Austin makes me feel like I could go to a bar and hang out, and actually have some fun.

I’m off to bed.   I need to rest up for the first day.   I of course didn’t get here on registration day, so I have a long line to look forward to tomorrow.   If anyone wants to know where pictures are, I’ll upload them to Flickr when I get back.   I don’t have a card reader here for my camera card.

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