My SXSW Schedule

As you may already know, I get to speak at the SXSW conference coming up on the 10th – 14th. I’m went to my first SXSW last year and decided that I really would like to be part of the program. In my opinion, it’s he only show where the future of the Web is being talked about by true experts, and honestly. I’m really looking forward to hearing people I look up to, like Jason Fried and Jeffrey Zeldman. I’m also on a panel with Eric Meyers and Aaron Gustafson, both really great speakers who put on the best sessions last year. I went through and listed the sessions I’m attending below.

10:00 – Beyond Folksonomies: Knitting Tag Clouds for Grandma – 16AB
11:30 – Daniel Gilbert Presentation: How to do precisely the right thing – 17AB
2:00 – Jim Coudal/Jason Friedman Opening Remarks – 18ABCD
3:30 – How to Bluff Your Way Through Dom Scripting – 18ABC
5:00 – How to Create Passionate Users – 18ABC

10:00 – How (and why) to Podcast an Event – 16AB
11:00 – Meet Judy Jetson – Room Day Stage
2:00 – Demystifying the Mobile Web – 16AB
5:00 – How to Roll Your Own Web Conference – Room Ballroom E

10:00 – Web Standards and Search Engine – Ballroom E
11:30 – Web Standards and SEO – Ballroom E
2:00 – Content Distribution The Mobile Web – 16AB
3:30 – Selling Big Ideas to Big Clients – 18ABC
5:00 – How to Blog For Money Comics – 18D

10:00 – How To Add Video To Your Blog – 18D
11:30 – Convergence and Advertising – 15
3:30 – RSS: Not just for blogs anymore – 18ABC
5:00 – Cashing in or Selling Out: The future of the independent Web – 17AB

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