Over time, Fortnite has become more and more popular since its July 25, 2017 release by Epic Games. The online video game is accessible on several different platforms including PlayStation 4, Nintendo Switch, Microsoft Windows, Xbox One. Fortnite has become so popular that YouTubers are now making videos involving Fortnite in hopes of attracting new views, subscribers, and likes. Videos like “1 Kill = Remove 1 Clothing,” “1 Kill = 1 Strip” or “1 Kill = 1 Lick” can be found all over YouTube.

Basically, YouTubers have become so desperate to make cash off the site that some have turned to shedding their clothes during the quest for a Victory Royale. The craze is sweeping YouTube and racking in hundreds of videos, with some having more than thousands of views, as they play and strip during Fortnite.

Most videos seem to follow a similar format which incorporates some type of ‘prank’ into the video. In some cases, a YouTuber with strip themselves and in other videos, streamers will compete with each other while slowly removing more and more articles of clothing.

Some well-known YouTubers such as RiceGum, Kosh, and Morgz, have contributed to this growing Fortnite trend. A search for ‘Strip Fortnite’ will yield at least 400,000 videos. While most include clickbait tactics from the male streamers to get viewers to click on their video, women tend to keep their ‘promise’ of stripping down during Fortnite.

A popular tactic used get someone to strip down involves a player convincing their girlfriend, or a friend’s girlfriend, to agree to play ‘Strip Fortnite’ without her realizing how good the other players are. This results in the girlfriend being forced to strip.

According to Google Trends, Fortnite is still the number one search word on YouTube and seems to still continue to trend. It is hard to get someone to watch your Fortnite videos, unless you are a top Fortnite player like Ninja or Ali-A, even when stripping down to nothing. There are more than 28.4 million Fortnite videos on YouTube, meaning you must really stand-out to get a decent number of views.

Posting videos of streaming Fortnite can actually be profitable, although it is difficult to become a top Fortnite streamer on YouTube. Top streamers are raking in tens of thousands of dollars a week simply from their Fortnite streams and associated ads.

While most believe ‘Strip Fortnite’ is a great way to make an extra income, there are some saying how outrageously stupid this is. They argue that there are correct ways of attracting a higher number of views, likes, and subscribers and this is not the professional way of doing so.

A popular Fortnite player and Twitch streamer, TSM_Myth, called out RiceGum’s YouTube marketing tactics for his videos saying, “You have a lot of influence on younger people on the internet, and they may look up to you and the things that you value,” Myth said, “and seeing that a lot of your content values a lot of materialistic things, women, and sex, and a lot of [other] awful things, may lead to issues.”In response RiceGum simply stated back to TSM_Myth, “if he knew a certain type of video gets a stupid amount of views … why would I not abuse it and keep pushing it out?”

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