Inkas Armored Mercedes-Benz G63 Bulletproof Limousine

The standard Mercedes-Benz G-Class already feels pretty indestructible, but Inkas’ Armored Mercedes-Benz G63 AMG Limo has added an updated form of everyday security by making the luxurious limousine bulletproof. You can find Inkas Armored Mercedes-Benz G63 on Mercedes’ website for a whopping $1.2 million.

The G-Wagen wheelbase is sixty inches longer than the standard G63 and the armor on the model can withstand 7.62mm bullets. As if that isn’t impressive enough, the model can also withstand a blast from a grenade, although we hope you are not in a situation where bullets or grenades are flying towards you.  Thanks to the G-Wagen’s four-wheel drive system and the 5.5-liter-turbo V8 you can safely escape on or off-road.

In some lines of profession, high-security is mandatory and this is where Inkas’ Armored Mercedes-Benz G63 AMG Limo plays a pivotal role. For starters, the upgrades go much further than additional plating and ballistic glass. The company has used proprietary composite armoring materials to keep the added weight of the vehicle as low as possible. The model weighs 1,800 pounds more than the standard model while still incorporating superior security. Mercedes also used materials that stretched the vehicle from its original 188 inches to 243 inches, which including a 563-horsepower engine.

Inkas’ Vice President of Sales, Phillip Daskal says, “By all measures, we have successfully maintained a weight distribution almost identical to that of an un-stretched G-Wagon,” adding, “When coupled with our suspension and brake system upgrades, the vehicle handles, corners, and brakes very similarly to a soft-skin G63.”

Aside from the impressive security features, the inside of Inkas Armored Mercedes-Benz G63 offers a highly luxurious feel. The interior includes a 4K Ultra HD television and Apple TV. The model is also equipped with reclining seats that were fitted with Alcantara, and a motorized bar. The interior adjustable lights are “specifically calibrated to mimic real sunlight as closely as possible in order to reduce fatigue and increase overall well-being.”

As if the car was not safe enough with bulletproof glass and exterior, Inkas also added a flame-retardant coating, a fire suppression system, and heavy duty run-flat systems for all four tires plus the spare. The luxurious G63 also offers external surveillance with the use of thermal and infrared sensors that connect to a secure cloud server.

Inkas is a privately-held Canadian company that specializes in security since 1993. Inkas has several different business divisions such as armored vehicle and safe manufacturing, metal fabrication, software development, and financial and environmental protection. In addition to armored vehicles, they also manufacture and distribute a variety of large safes and other security products. The company has manufactured a variety of safes for government agencies, jewelry stores, and pharmaceutical chains including: custom luxury safes, explosive-resistant safes, fire-proof safes and UL rated safes.

As mentioned before, the Inkas Armored Mercedes-Benz G63 AMG Limo currently sells at a hefty $1.2 million, but the protection the model provides might just be worth the large price tag.

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