Stephanie Hays Arrested For Attempted Molestation

Katy, TX — Stephanie Hays, 33, has been arrested for child molestation.   Allegedly, Hays assisted Michael Stratton, 26, and helped him to have sex with three children in Hay’s custody.   The incidents began to unravel when Stratton was picked up by police in Missouri on charges unrelated to the incidents with Hays.   Upon questioning, Stratton spoke up about his plan with Hays to molest three children.   According to Stratton, Hays was having sexual relations with her 11 year-old son and was having difficulty keeping the boy aroused.   Stratton further asserted that it ways Hay’s idea to mix things up a bit and to introduce Stratton into the picture.  Pictures of Stephanie Hays were also found on his computer.

Police searched Stratton’s computer and discovered a number of chat logs dated from August 2008, which revealed Hays intentions to have Stratton come to Texas for an eight day stay.   Stratton was to have enjoyment during that time from assisting Hays in molesting her 5 year-old nephew as well as her 2 year-old niece and 11 year-old son.   Katy Texas police were contacted, and they seized Hay’s computer.   They discovered a number of child porn images on the pc as well as chat logs.   Hays reported to police that she enjoyed fantasizing over child porn.   Some of the chat sessions revealed Hays describing the sexually related fantasies she had over her nephew, niece, and son as well.

Hays was charged with possession of child porn and sexual performance on a child after her arrested.   She was retained at Harris County Jail with a $100,000 bond.   Her son is now in the custody of his grandmother, while the niece and nephew have been returned to their natural mother.

The wonder o the Internet; now all the sickos can find each other.  Child molestation: the original social network on the Internet.  

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