Marcus Schrenker makes a jump for it

An Indiana Judge froze the assets of Marcus Schrenker after authorities expressed their belief that Schrenker may have tried to fake his own death by jumping from his private plane.

Marcus Schrenker, 38, has had some issues lately with investigators looking into some of his business dealings to find possible securities violations.   The wife of Marcus Schrenker, Michelle Schrenker also had her assets frozen.

Schrenker took his Piper PA-46 on a trip from Anderson, Indiana to Destin, Florida.   Authorities believe that it was in route to Destin that Schrenker parachuted to the ground and let his Piper crash near Blackwater River.

Letting his plane crash some 75 yards from homes is kind of a dick move, but other than that, you almost have to pull for the guy.   The whole thing is pretty daring in a D.B. Cooper sort of way.  

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