Say goodnight Hillary

Hillary Clinton very angry

I’m sure I have made my support of Senator Obama, and my disdain of Hillary Clinton known to anyone that knows me.   I think we have a rare opportunity with Barack Obama to have a president that will lead through character.   The last president I think I can actually say was a good man was Ronald Reagan.   But it seems that no matter what the math is, Senator Clinton will not take the hint and say goodbye.

I have lost count of how many lies Senator Clinton has told this campaign.   From the most famous “misspoke” incident about her Bosnian “sniper fire”, to claiming she brought peace to Northern Ireland.   Clinton supporters have spent the past 6 months trying to make Hillary into a cross between Jack Bauer and Mother Teresa.

But the truth is that this is just the latest in what is a string of failures for Hillary Clinton.   When she was first lady she set out to change health care in this country.   For all the gabbing she does about this, here we are today with nothing.   She went about the whole process wrong, excluding people who could have been helpful.   Why?   So that if successful, she could take the credit, which is again putting herself above the country.

And let’s not forget about her commitment as a New York Senator to bring an additional 20,000 jobs to New York, when in fact they are now in a job deficit since her election.   When asked about this, her response is that when she said that she thought Al Gore would be president.   So I guess her plan was to have Al Gore create 20,000 more jobs in New York.

From 3 A.M. phone calls, to Osama bin laden footage, her commercials have been fear mongering at its worst.   All this meant to help us believe that Hillary Clinton is an expert at foreign policy.   But in fact when the time came for her to make the biggest foreign policy decision in recent history, she made the wrong choice, and still refuses to accept accountability for it.   And let’s not forget which administrations weak foreign policy lead to the 9/11 attacks in the first place.

When it comes out that she and her husband are worth over $100 million, she calls Obama an elitist.   When Obama says people are bitter and clinging to guns, she start channeling the late Charleston Heston.   When people are hurting from a lack of jobs, high foreclosures and insane gas prices, she tries to push an idea that every economist in the country says would hurt Americans, and lead to a loss of 300,000 more jobs in this country, just because the idea polled well.

The Clintons have spent their lives putting their own agenda above the country.   And even now, when no math on this planet says she has a chance in hell, she is continuing to hurt the country by keeping this debate open, slamming Obama through racism and and fear.   Her plan is simple, try to make Obama unelectable against John McCain so that she can have her last chance in 2012.

But what does anyone have on Obama?   He knows a guy who was arrested for being a slum lord.   His former minister is a racist.   He lives near a guy who, even though never convicted, is believed to have been part of an organization that set off bombs in this country.   Oh, and the members of that organization who were arrested…Bill Clinton commuted their sentences.

Since they can’t find anything he has done wrong, they will just search for things on people he knows.   I have a friend whose good friend ended up being a serial killer.   He hung out with the guy.   But that doesn’t mean my friend kills people in his spare time.   Or how about the fact that John McCain was good friends with Senator Larry Craig?   Should I believe that because he is friends with the man that he cruises bathrooms for sexual encounters with other men?   No.   I assume that Larry Craig doesn’t speak (or act) for John McCain.

But maybe we should get into the nut job religious freaks that John McCain actively associates with.   People like John Hagee who says Hurricane Katrina was sent by god to kill all those sinners in New Orleans because they were about the have a gay parade.   Hagee also refers to Catholicism as “the great whore”.   Hopefully Catholics will remember that when voting in November.

But I digress.   We’ll get more into John McCain soon.   The fact is Barack Obama now leads Hillary Clinton in every race.   He is ahead on the popular vote, the delegate count, the number of states won, the amount of money raised, and now even the super delegate count.   And to top it off, just about every poll shows Obama having a better chance of beating John McCain in November.   At this point anyone holding on to the idea that Hillary Clinton is more electable than Barack Obama is either extremely stupid, or holding on to some personal racist or ageist views.

And anyone concerned about crazy remarks made by a former minister that Obama has renounced had already made up their mind to not vote for Obama, and is just grabbing on to whatever they can find to legitimize their own beliefs.

This race is over and it’s time for the Democratic party to show Hillary Clinton the door, since she obviously is too blind to find it for herself.   There is no reason to offer her the Vice-Presidency, she spent the past 6 months telling the country that Obama is not qualified to be president.   How can she possibly change her story on this, even with her experience in changing stories.   The vice-presidency should go to either Jim Webb, Wesley Clark, John Edwards or Bill Richardson.   Personally I would like to see Webb or Clark in there for the military experience, but John Edwards is a good guy and will help land that working class vote.   Any of these people would be great, but not Hillary Clinton.   Nobody wants Bill Clinton hanging around the White House, this time with nothing to do.

So Hillary, pack up your stuff, put your no good cheatin husband in the car and say goodnight.   The rest of us have work in the morning.

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