Introducing the Outdoor Hanging Lounger Nestrest by Dedon

nestrest hanging lounger by dedon
A Bird House for Adults

I have always wanted to be one of the birds. Heck, I would give my left leg to be able to fly. While I may not be learning to fly anytime soon I sure can perch myself up in this cozy little nest and live like a bird. German furniture creators, Dedon, released this hanging chair that they like to call the Nestrest.

The Nestrest hanging lounger is what you would get if a sofa mated with a hammock and their baby mated with a bird and then that baby mated with a fluffy cloud. It is pure heaven in a tipi shaped wicker basket. This oversized bird’s nest is perfect for relaxation, meditation, reading, sleeping and just about everything else.

The nest was designed by Paris’s Daniel Pouzet and Fred Frety. It is made up of oversized strands of fiber and expertly weaved together to create a wonderful weatherproof wicker shelter for the occupant. Dedon fiber is pliable and strong while also being environmentally friendly. Throw a luxurious cushion in there along with a few pillows and I might just call it home.

We all love personal space and what could be better than this? This thing is like a tree house for adults. But just in case you’re afraid the thing might break if you hang it from a tree, you can sit in on the ground as well using a pedestal or not.

At a price tag of $14,000 this cozy nest is not for the average, everyday citizen but if you are living the life of luxury then a cool 14 thousand is mere pocket change. My backyard is in major need of a makeover and I personally would not mind seeing one of these hanging around by the pool, time to bust out the platinum card.

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