Nine Odd But Sometimes Useful USB Devices

USB Hamster Wheel. This USB device is especially cute. As you type the hamster wheel spins faster and faster.

Hello Kitty USB keyboard cleaner. Hello Kitty has a never-ending arsenal of cute, cuddly devices and collectibles. This USB device reminds me of a bottle of nail polish. It comes with two different cleaning heads.

USB ports are becoming increasingly popular and are now widely accepted as the universal socket for just about anything and I really mean just about everything.

Whack It. This is probably not the best desktop-distraction for those of us that work at home all day. But if you want hours of endless carnival-like-whack-a-mole fun then this device is perfect.

USB Christmas Lights. Tis the season for festive Christmas decorations. And there is nothing more festive than USB Christmas lights.

Heated gloves. This device is actually quite useful for those of us with a freezing office. Plug these bad boys in your empty USB drive and they warm your fingers right up.

USB lava lamp. Lava lamp lovers rejoice, now you can have a USB lava lamp on your desk and not just your bedside table.

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