New music venue headed to the Venetian

new music venue at the venetian las vegas

The most futuristic music venue is coming and will be located behind the Venetian Resort Hotel Casino on the Las Vegas Strip!

The joint venture between Madison Square Garden and Sands Corp., plans to begin construction on the 360-foot tall sphere-shaped arena that can accommodate 18,000 to host musical performances and concerts. The venue does not however plan on hosting sporting events. Unlike your ordinary venue, the MSG Sphere will be entirely interactive and very high-tech.

Everything the venue has to offer will be different. From the seats, audio, and even the visuals. The seats will be provided with high-speed internet, letting fans post their time at the event; while also giving audiences the opportunity to interact with their favorite artists.

Regular speakers will not be used in this venue. That’s right! No hanging speakers. The use of regular speakers sends out sound that bounces on all surfaces, meaning that the sounds that reach our right and left ears are not exactly the same. The venue will use beamforming audio, developed by HoloPlot a German company, by having discrete left and right channels to your ears. The result is a 360-degree surround sound system. This exciting technology is so exact that people sitting in the front and back can hear the same thing. If needed to, a person a few feet away from you can hear something different with no interruptions. They also plan on installing a bass system that produces and gives out the sound from the ground. This with the attempt to also appeal to fans of electronic dance music.

Flying into the city, passengers will be provided an unbelievable view. The venue will have a fully programmable exterior. Inside, the 170-thousand-square-feet screen that is a hundred times better than HD.

The multi-genre venue has planned to open its doors by 2020.

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