NetResults Update

I’m half way through my first month at NetResults now, and it’s going well.   Things are of course progressing a little slower than I would like, but overall everything is moving in the right direction.

I had my first telephone consultation client under my new consulting program.   I charged Todd Olivas $250 for 1 hour of SEO consulting to go over his site.   He wants to rank for court reporting, which is a tough term.   If you want to help Todd out, throw him a link.   He seemed satisfied and even sent an email saying the call was “Exactly what I wanted!†.  

I liked doing the call.   It was great to talk to a client and give them flat out advice, without worrying about the upsell, or giving too much info too soon.   Those are the types of things you have to worry about when you’re doing “big† SEO consulting for companies.   Everything is about trying to legitimize your monthly retainer.   With this call I spilled a lot of industry secrets, all within a 60 minute call.

We also launched our first cool tool at NetResults.   It’s a very comprehensive and well put together SEO plugin for WordPress.   It let’s WordPress users add meta data, cross link posts, create a XML sitemap and other important SEO issues.   We are selling it to corporate blog clients looking to leverage their blogs for SEO.

I sent out my first retainer agreement to a prospect for some part time consulting.   It’s a product in the mobile space that I could really sink my teeth into.   I have some pretty unusual ideas, so I hope they move forward.   They are exactly the type of client I want.

I even turned down my first prospect this week.   The money was tempting, but it really wasn’t a good fit, and I rather focus on getting the right consulting clients.

Blogitive is moving along well.   We got a bunch of new clients that are testing us out, and so far they are seeing some good results.   It should lead to more business.

One last item, I’m writing a follow-up post on my media temple review.   Anyone that has anything interesting to say about their grid server, or Mosso, please let me know.   I’m hoping to put something interesting together.
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