Computer programmer John McAfee stated online earlier this month that he hasn’t filed taxes for eight years, daring the IRS to come after him. Well, to no surprise, McAfee is now “on the run.” He is reportedly working and living on his personal yacht because the IRS are after him for his use of cryptocurrencies.

John McAfee is quite a diverse figure, including the cryptocurrency community, in which he enjoys more support than elsewhere, as CoinJournal reports. He became known by developing anti-virus software in the late 1980s and early 1990s. However, McAfee sold his stake in 1991 and disappeared from public view for quite some time before resurfacing due to becoming a person of interest in a murder in Belize. He was arrested in Guatemala and sent back to the United States.

Once returning to the United States, McAfee begun acting crazy. He called taxes illegal, posted pictures of himself with automatic weapons and even posted frequently about using drugs. While these particular things are seen on social media occasionally, it does raise concerns coming from a millionaire.

In addition to the unusual postings, he also ran a campaign for President, in which he created his own political party and even advocated for consensual sex with whales. He was accused of rape, murder and more on a Showtime documentary.

Overall, he does some wild things, including starting his own privacy-focused cryptocurrency called Apollo, though he claims to have never transacted in any privacy coins.

He is now running his 2020  campaign “in exile,” since the IRS is hunting him down for his use of cryptocurrencies. The correlation between his claim of not filing taxes for eight years and this cryptocurrency issue remains unclear. According to McAfee he didn’t pay taxes because he “hasn’t made any money.” Instead, he insists that he’s living off of the money generated from selling his stake in the McAfee software company.

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