My MLM Ambush

One of the ideas of moving to Las Vegas was to be in a better place to meet more people, both friends and business contacts.   So I was excited when my accounting firm asked me to attend a social event with other clients and business owners.   I figured this would be a great opportunity to be part of the whole Las Vegas business scene.

The event went well.   I’m a little socially awkward sometimes, but overall I met some interesting people.   Some of the people I was introduced to said they were travel consultants.   I thought this was great because I travel a bit, and after going to a few foreign countries, I realized it would be helpful to work with a travel agent.

These particular people seem to be interested in talking to me, which I thought was great.   And at the end of the evening they asked me to attend another “networking event” the next night.   I figured it would be interesting to do another one, so I agreed.

The event was at a restaurant not too far from my house.   I packed up some business collateral and headed off to be there early.   When I arrived I was warmly greeted by my new acquaintances and was told that I was saved a seat up front.   I was a little confused as to why I was being treated so nicely, but just figured they were nice people.

My acquaintances started introducing other people to me.   The first person introduced was a guy with a name tag that I believe said Tony.   I was introduced as the CEO of USWeb, but there was no mention as to what Tony did.   After saying hello, and explaining in high level detail what USWeb does, I inquired as to what Tony did.   “I’m in real estate” he responded.   I thought this made sense.   Realtors are always looking to network.   But then he added, “I’m also in nuclear medicine”.   I’m not a doctor, nor realtor, but I have watched enough ER and House to know that most realtors don’t try to irradiate body parts.   I resisted the urge to probe further.

Then I was introduced to another “business person”.   She was an attractive woman with a name tag that I can’t remember.   After an introduction from my host, I asked her what she did.   “I’m a dental hygienist” she responded.   Now let me state upfront that I have no problem with members of the dental hygiene community.   But I do not see why they would be at a business networking event.   I was beginning to grow suspicious.

I was then introduced to a man standing up front by a projector and screen.   He was obviously preparing some sort of presentation.   I thought I might be treated to some local business news, or maybe something interesting about business in Las Vegas.   The man was wearing what looked like a Tommy Bahama knock-off, had an earring and a pinky ring.   He also had an odd tan that I suspected might not be exclusively from solar rays.   The man, I can’t remember his name so I’ll just call him Tom, seems distracted by his presentation set up.

We are told to take our seats so that we can begin.   We all sit down and Tom starts to talk.   He brings up a slide with a picture of homes being developed in what looks like a south american countryside and mentions “something he and his wife are really excited to talk about and share an opportunity”.   But first he offered us the “chance to promote your business”.   This consisted of people standing up and talking about what they do.

The first person I remember going was a woman who said she owns a health store.   That seemed normal enough.   Then a young man with a very pretty girlfriend who said he was a manager of Peter Piper Pizza.   He didn’t seem to be there on behalf of a pizza franchise, so it was a little confusing.   More people got up and spoke, an older realtor who actually described a particular condo for sale, a douchie looking guy with his shirt half unbuttoned that had his pitch about being a mortgage broker, a personal trainer who says he used to weigh nearly 300 pounds, and a guy who said he represented 3 different business, which ended up meaning that he had three different things he wanted to sell us.

I was then given the chance to “promote my business”.   I tried to decline, but that was evidently not an option here.   So I got up and gave a brief attempt at being humble while mentioning USWeb was one of the oldest companies in the space, yada, yada, yada.

Then Tom introduced us to his wife, a local Las Vegas realtor who was on HGTV once.   I don’t remember her name, but she had black pants that looked to have been enhanced with one of those Bedazzler machines.

Tom then mentioned that we do business with people who do business with us, which would normally sound fine, but it had an almost threatening tone.   Not that I was worried about not getting the personal trainers web marketing business, but I’ll be dammed if I’m limiting my pizza choice down to Peter Piper Pizza.

Tom then started to go around the room, strategically asking people how much business they get from this group.   They all gave numbers that seemed impressive.   I guess this was meant to show the power of the group.   Since no one hit me up for any sort of currency fee to join this group, I started to worry about what part of my soul they might be after.

But everything was about to be crystal clear.   Tom seemed to take a short, but deep breath and launched into an intro pitch for his wife to talk about the “opportunity” they want to share with us lucky few.   They are high level members of World Ventures, which operates a travel website that you can make money from.   I quickly connected the dots to my new friends being “travel consultants”.   I knew then I was about to be pitched the dreaded MLM scheme.

Let me take a break from my long winded account so that I can declare my particular hatred of MLM, and all those involved.   First, I’ll state that I get the idea behind why people to do this.   To quote Chris Rock about OJ, “I’m not saying I agree, but I understand.”.   Most people work a 9 to 5 job, and there is little chance they will be able to stop before 65.   The only chance out of the proverbial rat race that makes any sense to them are scratchers and MLM’s.   The nice ones go with the scratchers.

My main problem with MLM people is that no one actually ever sells anything real.   The whole scheme is based on selling others the “opportunity” to sell their friends and family the “opportunity” to pass it on.

And my true distaste for MLM people is their complete willingness to treat every acquittance as a mark.   Everyone they know now has the potential to fatten up their wallet.

And that’s what happened to me.   I met some people that I thought might be legitimate business people, and now here I am, hearing about the opportunity to screw over people I meet.

Anyway, back to my rant.

Tom now introduces his Bedazzled pants wife, who has clearly given this pitch before.   The entire show is well prepared and plays on just about every insecurity a lower income person will have.   “Don’t you want a better life for your family?”, and “Don’t you want to start living the life you deserve?”.

She adds some positive reenforcement like telling the room how special we all are.   She compares buying into their program to buying Google stock before it was IPO, and how we’re lucky to be part of this.

There is also the take away close.   “We don’t want to invite everyone to the opportunity.   If you’re negative person, then you just won’t fit in”.   This would be me.

At one point, I’m used to demonstrate one of her points.   She mentions that you get access to the website for only $99, and $20 per month.   She asks me what kind of website one can have built for $99.   She also called me “web-man”, which I think was some kind of slam to isolate me a little from the group.   I think my “negativity” may have been shinning through.   The question ended up being rhetorical.   But to answer, it costs nothing to point to someone else’s website and get a commission off the sale.   It would cost $8 to buy your own domain name to point to it.

But the comment that made my stomach turn was “if you’re saying you can’t afford this now, ask yourself when you’re going to be able to.   When will you do what you need to do to make your life better?   God brought you here for a reason, don’t blow this chance.”.   At this point I don’t know if she’s trying to sell me something, or win the Republican primary.   Either way, it makes me sick that she is trying to pry money from the hands of people she knows can’t afford it.

So what is this great opportunity that god wants me to take advantage of?   World Ventures has a travel website.   They are quite proud of it.   Being a bit of an expert on website usability, I can tell you that it’s really a piece of crap, but it looks professional enough to convince people that someone spent money making it.   And for a few hundred dollars you can get a sub-domain, like   And when people go to this website, you get a percentage of the travel they book.   Every major travel website has this ability, it’s called an affiliate program, and it cost nothing.

But the commissions are pretty high on the program.   That comes from the fact that it seems like you’re booking people into travel where they will be pitched more “opportunities”.   Like the “opportunity” to buy into a time share.   Of course everyone loves a vacation where they have to listen to a time share pitch.

But of course that’s not all you’re getting.   The real thing you’re buying is the ability to sell other people the same crap you just bought.   And you can make money off them, the same way Tom and Bedazzled lady, and the people who invited me, would make money off me if I signed up.

The presentation ends with Bedazzeled lady telling us the next part of the evening will be us letting our sponsor know which level we want to buy tonight.   We have several choices starting at $99 – $399.   Tom lays down the form in front of me, and as soon as the presentation is over, I have three people on me.   One is a guy who never introduced, but asks for my card.   He gives me his card from World Ventures.   the pressure to sign begins.   One woman asks what I found interesting about the presentation.   All that comes to mind is the woman’s pants, and the slickness of it.

Tom comes up behind me, looks at my empty application and asks “is it something I said?”.   Tom is well over 6’, and I sense a slight attempt at intimidation to try to get me to sign up.   I want to tell him that I have a rule about never buying anything from someone with a pinky-ring, but I just tell him I’m too busy to participate.   That’s when one of the women start telling me that it doesn’t really take any time.   I can just sign up and wait for the money to roll in I guess.

Tom comes back around to tell me what a great deal this is.   At some point he decides we must be kindred spirits.   “$400 is not a lot of money to people like us.   We throw that down for dinner” he says.   This is untrue on both our parts.   I know for a fact that I don’t spend that much on dinners.   Even most 5-Star restaurants I frequent don’t get over $120 per person.   I guess if I ordered wine with the meal, then it might go over, but I don’t really drink.   And I’m even more certain this guy isn’t throwing $400 down on dinner.   Not if he’s trying so hard to pry lose a couple hundred from me.   The fact is, $400 is a lot of money.   It’s a lot more than I would have to spend on a new Kindle, which I really want, but don’t buy because it costs $359.

Since even their leader Tom has failed to convert me, I’m now getting the cold shoulder.   The echos of “one of us, one of us” is fading away, and I see my friends start to turn to each other, and other prospects.   It’s my time to leave.   I mention that I might grab some dinner.   Someone tells me that if I mention I’m with them, I get 20% off my bill.   I weigh the 20% against having to admit that I’m with this group, and I elect to play it safe and leave all together.

On the way out, I check back to see the status of the other marks, and check out the pizza guys hot girlfriend one last time.   It looks like it’s going to be a good night for Tom.

As I exit the restaurant, I see a women from inside the room smoking a cigarette by the parking lot.   I say hello and she asks me what I thought.   The women looks to be in her mid-thirties, and I dare to say not wealthy by any means.   I ask her if she’s part of the World Venture group, and she says they are considering it, and again asks what I think.   I mention my policy on not buying anything from someone with a pinky-ring, but this is quickly dismissed as she starts to re-list the benefits.   Along with the regurgitation of Tom, she mentions that she is a waitress, and she has kids, and that her boyfriend is in the room pleading to get the price down to the amount of money they have.   It seems that their rent money for the month might be “invested” into this.   My thoughts quickly go back to Tom, and I wonder if maybe he really is paying $400 for his dinners.   But then why wouldn’t he spring the extra $150 for a real Tommy Bahama shirt?

I say goodbye to the woman.   I push back the feeling like I should give her a lecture about scams, and about thinking there is an easy way to make money.   I just go to my car and drive home, a little more depressed for having seen this.

Just to get some closure, I email my new “friends” and apologize for not taking part in their “business”.   I even invite them to lunch sometime to talk about web stuff they were interested in.   The response was what I thought, as there was none.


  1. My daughter just got into world ventures. After reading some of these comments, I'm disappointed that she didn't investigate more. She's old enough to know better. I thought I taught her better than that. She does not have a great paying job and actually had to borrow some of the money to get in to this. It's very disappointing and it makes me angry. Live and Learn

    • Borrowing money to get started in a network marketing business is the mistake. Most people join these opportunities to take advantage of the great prices made possible through bulk buying, just like the principles that made WalMart / Sam's club / Costco, etc powerhouses in selling wholesale-priced merchandise.

      Later, when one experiences a true value in the products, whether TRAVEL , PEST CONTROL or TOOTHPASTE, most sociable people enjoy sharing that positive experience with friends, without fearing that the friend is not intelligent enough to decide if the product or service is anything they would be interested.

      When you can earn a "referral fee" (as advertised by my BANK, WIRELESS phone company, LAWN CARE co, etc ) or a "commission" for introducing products to someone else who likewise sees value in it, you have been compensated via "network marketing."

  2. I am not in World Venture and yes they do have very different way of promoting their business. I have bee to a few meetings.They trick you into thinking you are going to a networking business event. But it is nothing more than an presentation for WV that would be OK if the had a class about networking that could help any business and no pressure to by into their opportunity. One should be told upfront that there will also be an introduction to their opportunity if you would like to stay and listen.

    Direct Selling is a real business but some of the people in them can be unethical. Chances are you have use a product of a Direct Selling company. Avon, Mary Kay, Pamper Chef owned by Warren Buffet) Fuller Bush Company, YTB Travel Network, Shaklee, Melaluca,ACN, Inc. (Check out this seasons Donald Trump's The Apprentice for more info on this company),Market America, Inc,Primerica Financial Services ( CitiGroup) and more there are 207 members of Direct Selling Association : check out the

    As one may deduct I am a member of a Direct Selling Company that is part of The DSA, direct selling are not get rich quick schemes . It can make a great part time income or full time it is really up to the each business owner. What could an extra $500.00 a month do for the average family in today's economy. This type of business model have historical done very while in a economic downturn.

    Keep and open mind. I know so many people that have been in company's have train in a youger person to take their job. Why the corporation top people can pay the younger person less money. Companies do not treat
    empolyees well these days.

    Need a plan B. A home base business can provide a great second income and tax advantages. It dose not have to be a direct selling company. Do some home work I wish I had started a long time ago but, I was blind and thought they were all scam not so.

    Enjoy life,

  3. i'm glad I read this article. I know for a fact I don't want to rob peter to pay paul, even worst….my Mom to buy this program from me and then someone has to buy it from her.LOL Pyramid!

  4. I've been involved with this company for the past 16 months and it is everything that the company says and more. I work in the financial services industry and my wife is in the medical field…..we, like most of you, have worked in a "pyramid" all of our lives…chances of you ever making more money than the guy above you or even the owner, are slim to none….unless you step on someone to get to the top.
    I am a realist, but I am also not stupid…after doing much investigating of the company and digging thru the crap that most people say about a company like this without really seeking the truth, my wife and I engaged and have been amazed by what is happening to us as well as many of our teammates in this venture. We have taken the "DreamTrips" with this company and they are phenomenal….we have traveled all of our lives, but never in the way we do to this company.

  5. To finish my thought…
    It's a shame that people have to trash something that they know nothing about…the reason most never succeed in life is because they never take a chance….Whether you believe you can or you can't, your right in either case. I could stand around and trash something I know nothing about or I could do due diligence and make an educated decision…that's what we have done and we are having the time of our lives with this company and the best is yet to come.

  6. In closing….control your own destiny, Corporate America certainly doesn't give a crap about you or me….funny thing that people like Donald Trump and Warren Buffet say that networking is the wave of the future (Buffet has purchased 3 MLM's already)…….Sir, you weren't "AMBUSHED" you just said no to something that "could" (no guarantees in life) have made an impact on your financial future, but like anything else, if you do nothing with it, you would get nothing out of it.

    • David is not just drinking the kool-aid, he's mixing it. This is the exact type of crap they spew out at these meetings. The throw around well known names of the rich, like Trump and Buffet. They tell you that they are just like you, and that they were skeptical at first too, but now they live "the dream". They tell you to take a chance, which of course means that you should hand them a check.

      At the meeting you'll also get the rest of the greatest hits of these pitch people. "Provide security to your family", "Take your family on the vacations they deserve", "You don't need to work hard, you just show this to your friends and give them the opportunity, they will thank you for it", "What are you doing to make your life better right now?".

      I agree that most people should take the chance at a better life through starting their own business. But that means actually working at it, and investing more or your time and money than most are willing to do. There are plenty of resources to help you move in that direction, but do not hand some ass-clown your hard earned money because he says you should do something with your life.

  7. There are some who have a great distaste for realtors. However, any reasonable person would know that it is not the entire real estate profession that is bad, just their experience with the people they've encountered. The same holds true for the MLM industry. Some people in MLM don't even realize when their approach is offensive, so don't view the entire profession as bad. There are many of us who are very good at what we do, and can have genuine relationships and have honest conversation without "selling" someone into an opportunity. In fact, I make it a rule to NEVER try to CONVINCE someone into a business. Do that and they will suck all the energy out of you—something that is not good for them or me. Anyway, that's my two cents. In my MLM business, we have a real product. We offer a real business opportunity and high pressure sales tactics are a turnoff. And don't forget that just because the business opportunity was not the right one for you, doesn't mean the opportunity is any less legitimate (no, I am not a part of World Ventures).

  8. The link here said the Cold hard facts about MLM. Well the article was definitely cold though not as cold as the sales people decribed. The sarcasim was kinda funny and the experience well written. The only thing lacking was FACTS. A persons experience may determine their view of reality but that is not the same thing as facts.

    • James – Here are some FACTS for you. Fact 1, these people were a joke. Fact 2, they were selling something that you can get for free by just signing up for an affiliate program through a major travel site. Fact 3, the people hosting this event were trying to hustle the people they invited.

      I''m not sure what types of facts you would like. The program is a joke. My guess is that you have bought into something stupid like this, and now you're trying to keep optimistic. If that's the case, you got taken for a ride, and the only way to make money off this is to find someone as dumb as you. Good luck with that.

      • Hmmm…
        Is that what you call a good point well made?

        Unfortunately most naturally grab a hold of negativity.
        I bet there could have been 9 positive comments and 1 negative
        and I'm sure most people would make a judgment based on the negative comment.

        Everything here good and bad is simply someone's opinion.
        I would say never make a judgment based on others opinions.
        See for yourself – then decide.

        It's okay to make your own mind up – it really is! 🙂

        • Calm Colin – I'm not sure what your point is here either. If you're just trying to say that this post was an opinion, that goes without saying. No one has disputed any of my opinions or facts, they have just said that people should make up their own minds. Obviously if someone is interested in something, they may want to get the opinions of others.

          But your comment does remind me of some of the talk while I was at the meeting. They warned everyone about the "negative" people like myself. They said you should avoid people like me. But here's something to consider; I am not trying to see anything. I have no stake in your financial future, so you might want to consider my opinion worth a little more than the guy trying to get you to hand him a check.

          One funny note to add today. The person who invited me to this "opportunity" sent me an email today trying to get me to buy scented candles. So they have gone from one scheme to the next. I highly doubt that their financial situation has changed for the better since starting any of these MLM programs. But that of course is just my opinion.

  9. Looking at the activity to this page, it's now #1 in Google for World Ventures MLM, I feel the need to add another comment.

    If you have read down this far on the page, you are obviously interested in the subject. So let me tell you my real problem with programs like World Ventures; they go after the very people that can't afford to lose money. There is a reason that you see Soloflex and weight loss commercials on late at night on cable, it's because they ads are cheap, and targeting people who feel depressed about their weight. If you're up at 2am watching cable networks, you're likely not living la vida loca. There is a reason that car insruance, along with accident lawyers, advertise during Judge Judy, it's because you're sitting at home with nothing to do on a weekday, and it may be because of a car accident. Marketers obviously target the group of people they think will buy from them. I know this fact very well because I am the CEO of a well known marketing firm.

    If you found yourself sitting in a room being told this is the opportunity to make money, have a brighter future, and provide a better life for your family, think about why you're sitting there. The guy offering you this "opportunity" wants you to hand him a check. And he will make you feel bad about yourself to get it. "Why don't you believe in yourself?", "Don't you want a better life for your family?", etc… Ignore him. He just wants your money. He doesn't give a rat's ass about you, your family, your future, or anything else other than getting money from you to him.

    But I understand the idea of wanting to create a better financial life. I took a chance and started a company. I worked hard, I sacrificed, and I had a few lucky breaks. I don't consider myself rich, but I do make a lot more than the numbers tossed around at these sales pitches. I make enough to travel, and provide for my family. I took my son to Europe this summer and we had lunch on top the Eiffel Tower. I had a school built in my grandfathers name in Cambodia. I eat and stay at nice places. But I can tell you that I feel more fortunate than rich. And that's because I'm not rich, I work hard for what I have, and one never knows where I'll be tomorrow.

    I can tell you from experience; any guy that gets up and tells you how rich and successful they are, is full of shit. Anyone that needs to throw around names like Buffet and Trump is full of shit. Anyone that knows anything about business and finance knows that those two names should never go together in the context of money. It's like comparing Michael Jordan to Warren Buffet. One's truly great, while the other is a side show.

    If you're really interested in going into business for yourself, think about what type of business you would like. Realize that you will have to really work. And if you really want some feedback, shoot me an email and we can set up a time to talk. No money involved, you just tell me what you want to do, and I'll share with you whatever info I can. Just please don't hand your hard earned money over to a snake oil salesman that is taking your for fool.

    • I am intending to join in MLM World Venture because my aunt has been working for this company for 3 years and now she just stays home and receives money everymonth. Should i do that or not? If it likes Filthylucre said, my aunt dare to cheat me?
      Can you email me and tell me more, please. [email protected]
      Thanks Filthylucre.

      • Vincent, the only question you need to ask yourself is, can you sell this idea to others? If you can get people to pay you money to do this, then you will make your money back. But the odds are very much against you making a living at this.

    • Well said! Your post should be read by all MLM potentials prior to writing their first check. All MLM "businesses" rely on people who like to dream. The goal of selling MLM, whether it's Amway, worldventures, or selling sand is to find people who are willing to dream. Once people catch the "dream", they will sign up for monthly things like website access, motivational books/tapes, etc. The product doesn't matter, as the money is made by the members chasing their dreams. The top guys make huge money off conferences, books, etc… and they're making money off the people they're selling the dream to.

      Oh ya, and anyone who catches the MLM bug, you can kiss all your friends and family goodbye, unless they catch the MLM bug too. You'll find yourself selling the dream to them and when they don't accept, you won't understand and your relationship will eventually fall apart.

      [email protected]

  10. Ed – thanks for your time to post this and share your experience about this company!

    One thing I've noticed about almost all MLMs is their need to sell products at overinflated prices ($60 bottle of juice anyone?) in order to pay bonuses to their distributors. I don't know how this co's travel prices compare to others, but if they're charging monthly fees to be able to refer people to their website, I wonder where all that money to pay bonuses comes from? 😉

    Like you mentioned, I guess some folks have never heard of affiliate programs where companies pay you to help promote their products – and the legit ones don't seem to charge and entrance fee for the priviledge!

    Well thanks again for your take on this! I'm off to a "meeting" a friend asked me to go to tomorrow and hoping to God it's only me and his sponsor.

    All the best,


    • Steve, thanks for the comment. Hopefully you don't walk into the MLM ambush as well.

      I agree with you about the over-priced items often sold by MLM. I have a hard time believing that the people who buy into the MLM to re-sell the "opportunity", would actually ever pay to use the products. As someone who works in the online marketing space, and has worked directly with companies like Expedia, getting people to pay for a membership that allows them to book travel, is going to be a hard pitch, and will likely not convert very well.

      Good luck Steve, and let us know how things went.

  11. Every company has a Pyramid structure when you look at it objectively…I was a skeptic as well. I sat on the opportunity for 4 months just to wait and see…I understand the skepticism…It’s a valid response. WorldVentures does not need defending. It speaks for itself…Some people will always be skeptics or never get past the skepticism….

    • I love the use of the word "opportunity" again. And I would disagree that every company has a pyramid structure. Most companies directly sell a product or service. Perhaps they have sales people, and occasionally those sales people may offers referral fees to others, but that's usually the extent of it. If you think this is a a pyramid, you don't know a lot about business, or geometry.

      Skepticism saves us from all sorts of stupid things. And when dealing with someone who wants money from you, it's a good idea to raise the skeptical shield high. Ask yourself, "why is this person so interested in offering me this 'opportunity'?". It's because they want a check, and hopefully you'll go screw over your friends and family, and kick him up even more money.

      • Sales people in traditional companies have sales Managers whose compensation is dictaed by how well their sales team does..Sales managers in traditional sales companies have sales directors whose compensation is dictated by how well their sales managers do in managin their teams…Sales directors have vice presidents and presidents above them whose bonuses are dictaed by how well their team below them generate and manage business..Yadda Yadda etc., etc., In some form or another every company has a "pyramid" structure….

        • Wow, TravelGod has managed to turn every organization into a pyramid scheme! The problem is this; salesman are out selling a product not going and recruiting other salesman to work under them, and then share in the profits when they sell someone the "opportunity" to sell to others. The company does all the hiring, and sales managers, and sales directors, and the VP of Sales, etc… all work for one company. And they sell a product or service.

          I have sales people, and when they sell, we all make money. But they sell our service, not the opportunity to sell our service. And you know good and well, you're not out marketing your crap travel site, you're out selling people the "opportunity" to sell the "opportunity" to sell others the "opportunity", etc… That's the difference between real companies and MLM's.

          Don't try to spin your lack of employability into a legitimization of pyramid schemes.

          • I enjoyed reading your article and all the comments from different people, different view, and different experiences. Having carefully read the policies and compensation plans this type of “pyramid” structure is not self sustainable because it will reach world population at a certain tier. Because of the 65% payout plan the owners of the company will always make money and all their “members” will lose out. And by no means is the pyramid structure fair because the ones later down the pyramid loses out on the number of people they can “recruit”

            Now about selling of products. What about Dreamtrips (vacation packages) as a product. One can sell the product alone and make commission without having to sell them the “opportunity” to sell the product. However, the purchaser of the product can choose to become a sales person to sell that product to others.

  12. Secondly, there is a legitimate business component built into it that does have value. People that I deal with join based upon that value they see and believe they can work with and create a business for themselves. For you to assume and imply people are being duped is to insult the intelligence of those that willingly join. You insult that they do not have the power of discernment and are just victims that have been taken advantage of….Give me a fricken break!

    I get it,… you do not like network marketing. It's not for everyone…I'm sure you had your share of bad experiences with shady companies and people that promote them…that is unfortunate..>But that is YOUR experience….You probably tried network marketing were not able to make it work for you and then made the sweeping judgment the Network Marketing is just Bad or a Scam…That is silly.

    • First off, stop linking to your crap here, I'll just remove them. Second, I have never tried network marketing because I have been busy creating a real company, with real employees, who perform a real service. I have no interest in being, or creating, a snake oil salesman.

      If you're doing so fantastic in your MLM scam, then go about your business and stop trying to post links to your crap on my blog. Just to make it clear, MY blog, MY opinion. People can take it for what it's worth. But at least they can see that I'm not trying to sell them anything here.

      I'm guessing you spend an awful lot of your time right now trying to convince people that you have some sort of knowledge about being successful, and that you care very much about their (and their family's) financial well being. But deep down inside, you know the truth. You're a loser of the worst kind. You're the type of loser who preys on the weakness and desperation of others. And I'm willing to bet that you're not making any real money at your World Ventures MLM, regardless of how hard you try to scam others into giving you money.

  13. It is true that the products must be able to stand on their own merit absent of the Network marketing Component…Wv products do IMHO. I think you are just not a person who this type of businesss is right for…that is O.K. It is your nature. I would never try to convince someone to act against their nature…It would just end up in failure and then that person would go around posting on blogs how Network Marketing is a scam….

  14. It looks like you need to actually copy and paste the urls in your browser bar to make get to them from this site

    Actually the prices on all flights and actual travel packages are at a Lower cost approximately 75% of the time when you book at WorldVentures Travel site….
    Test it for yourself [link removed]. Although occasionally those mainstream sites do have specials and deals that beat the WV prices it is not usually the norm as the prices are lower consistently on the WV sites.

    • I have done exhaustive comparison shopping with WorldVentures vs the rest. WorldVentures has no price advantage and often exceeds the pricing of other travel sites.

      I recently went to Australia and compared prices. WorldVentures pricing was almost 900 dollars higher even if I became a member. With the $399 entrance fee, it was not worth even considering.

      I often fly to Tampa and the flights with WorldVentures are always higher.

      So I don't know how you come up with WorldVentures being cheaper. They just are not.

  15. "I'm guessing you spend an awful lot of your time right now trying to convince people that you have some sort of knowledge about being successful, and that you care very much about their (and their family's) financial well being. But deep down inside, you know the truth. You're a loser of the worst kind."

    And this is based on what exactly? Your own subjective sweeping judgment based on nothing but an apparent bad experience? How do you know that I do not own an run a successful "traditional" business in addition to whatever I choose to do with Network Marketing?…You don't… you just make ASSinine sweeping judgments with very little objective knowledge of what the heck you are talking about…Not too mention you have become hostile and that within itself is very telling…If you are so successful with your own traditional business, as you boast about, then why the hell are my few comments, trying to correct the perception you have about MLM, even cause enough to obviously threaten your ego enough for you to display hostility? Very Telling indeed….

    I am not the one who has boasted about how successful I am in any business one way or the other..YOU HAVE DONE THAT….If one is truly speaking from a position of power their is no need to preemptively get hostile or scream and shout…I have just pointed out that I think your "Opinion" is skewed and not based on objective reality….That is all…i gave you my experience and how I choose to conduct myself in this context…That's all….Yes it is your "BLOG" and your "OPINION" but the funny thing about subjective "opinions" is that they are like Butt-Holes…everyone has one and most times they stink….And it is also your choice to allow people to comment on your "opinions" on this blog…So thatis what I am doing…commenting on your "opinion"….You do not like the criticizing of the "opinion" you hold that you post on a blog?…Then lock down the ability for people to register and comment…

    Alas my only point is that you have just made yourself look silly to make such sweeping allegations about a method of business and marketing that you obviously know little about…most people have the ability to make rational decisions based on rational and fact based objective reality and not some subjective biased opinion

    • You're a loser. And that's not hostility, that's a fact. I don't know where you think I have boasted about myself. I believe what I said is that I worked hard, I sacrificed, and I had a few lucky breaks. Everything I have said here is 100% true, and easily verified. You're just some loser who paid a few hundred bucks to some other idiot, and now want people to pay you. That's not hostility, that's just the way it is.

      And yes, everyone has an opinion. Some opinions are just plain stupid, and they're even worse when they're self-serving, such as yours.

      But I do admit the subject gets me hostile. And if you read the above post, you know why. I don't like the idea that losers like you trick people who are desperate and short of opportunities. Check out this Lex Luther looking idiot for a perfect example: . Lot's of crap like "Do you want a better life?", "Change your life", "Make more money". I have no idea who watches this douchebag and thinks he has any answers beyond how to make a bad green screen effect, but people do.

      Nothing I say is going to please you, and it's not meant to. If it offends people like you…. good. This is meant to hopefully snap one person out of fantasy land and make them realize that people like you suck. You're just out to make a few fast bucks by screwing people over. No need to reply loser, I'm sure you're swamped preparing your pre-paid legal presentation, or possibly mapping out your Amway route. Loser.

  16. As far as you wanting to see a successful person running an organization…You do know that Donald Trump just started his own Network Marketing company? the "Trump Network"….Now I am no big fan of Trump, but it is undeniable that he has had a fair degree of success in multiple different business ventures….I'm not trying to change your mind about MLM. Quite frankly I am glad that a person with such a piss poor attitude as yours and disdain for people you do not know does not even try to dabble in MLM…If you did you would give MLM a bad name….There is no room for arbitray assertions and personal attacks against that which you disagree with based on nothing more than a "feeling" in the MLM industry…I only point out on this thread how your opinion is completely detached from reality for the benefit of others who would otherwise think you are a credible voice…Peopl are intelligent to make up their own minds based on objective reality….

    I wish you the best of luck in your traditional business ventures…You are going to need it with your piss poor atitude and your obvious pejiducial leanings and contempt for people you have NO clue about….

    Have a great week 😉


  17. You know nothing about me… And for you to make such a silly sweeping arbitrary assertion that I am a 'loser" based soley on choosing to participate in a method of marketing and business model you do not like nor completely understand makes you look like the "loser"…You a "loser" for the mere fact that people who can be considered even slightly a decent human being do not make such baseless prejudicial assertions about a persons character when they don't even know who they are speaking to…How many other people or groups of people do you do this to under similar circumstances….

    You don't like MLM…I got it….It should end there for you…But NOOOOO, everyone who finds merit in it and participates in this business model is just a loser to you….that is just plain stupid…and if you can't realize this than you are doomed to receive the same sweeping arbitrary assertion against you and your business based on nothing…Do you seriously think anyone who reads this blog who uses their own independent thought is going to share the same extrem view that you have about MLM and those who choose to participate in it?….I don't think so…You are bitter and self righteous and drunk off your own ego because of your own alleged success from your alleged hard work in your alleged traditional business…if what you say about your success is true (which I doubt with such an attitude as yours) then that is great….Success in any venture that provides true value to the end user is a great thing

    I have no problem with traditional business models and hard work such as what you have allegedly participated in and allegedly been successful at…The problem I have is your irrational hostility based on mostly nothing and partly on your lack of understanding based on a bad experience…You are projecting your own experience as objective reality….Your feelings are not a tool of cognition…Don't try to distort reality that they are….

    You have proved nothing but what a successful, bitter, and irrational loser you really are…Success is not always measured by the size of one's wallet…You AssHat

    Don't bother to comment back… you can considere your ass served right back to you in this exchange

    • So touchy. I guess I have been "served". I'm going to assume you're all bent out of shape because I'm 100% right about the level of success you have obtained at your own MLM efforts.

      As for my "alleged" success, it's not a very rare or impressive claim. I make a fair living running a company that employs smart and talented people who perform valuable work for other companies. I run a normal business that has its ups and downs like any other company. You try to hustle people into giving you cash, so that they can go and hustle other people. You're a leech.

      My opinion on MLM's will change when I see a successful person who runs an organization with a downline built of truly intelligent and qualified people that are well suited for the sales of the product. Not a legion of blue collar workers who have given up their hard earned money on a fantasy of providing for their family by selling others the same fraud. You're a loser and a leech, and from the sounds of your rants, not a very successful network marketer. Loser.

  18. As far as you wanting to see a successful person running an organization…You do know that Donald Trump just started his own Network Marketing company? the "Trump Network"….Now I am no big fan of Trump, but it is undeniable that he has had a fair degree of success in multiple different business ventures….I'm not trying to change your mind about MLM. Quite frankly I am glad that a person with such a piss poor attitude as yours and disdain for people you do not know does not even try to dabble in MLM…If you did you would give MLM a bad name….There is no room for arbitray assertions and personal attacks against that which you disagree with based on nothing more than a "feeling" in the MLM industry…I only point out on this thread how your opinion is completely detached from reality for the benefit of others who would otherwise think you are a credible voice…People are intelligent enough to make up their own minds based on objective reality…. Your ramblings are not even close to reality..they are your "feelings"…Feelings are not a tool of cognition.

    I wish you the best of luck in your traditional business ventures…You are going to need it with your piss poor atitude and your obvious pejiducial leanings and contempt for people you have NO clue about….

    Have a great week 😉


    • I'lll just have to muddle through life with my meager talents and ideas, without the insight of a keen business mind like yourself. Loser.

      BTW, Trump will stick his name on anything that lets him pocket a few bucks. And retards like you enjoy using him as an example. Whoever is running that thing will build an army of idiots that will make Trump money off the hard work of the blue collar workers naive enough to believe his name means they will be successful. Not really the example I was looking for.

      • I guess you are the "keen business mind" at work here…You think it is good business to label people "losers" ( lol lol lol too funny ) who you do not know nore ever met nor know anything about based on your own skewed and subjective opinion of a marketing method and compnay that you have little knowledge about…Yep I guess that really Is a chararcteristic of a "keen business mind"…

        Charles what makes your SEO services more legitimate than unethical Black Hat SEO search engine spamming techniques?…I mean after all it is still SEO and that is the business you are in correct?…Or do you add legitimacy to your own business because of results?….Black Hat SEO can get results….Maybe justt all SEO is bad and unethical because a few bad companies and people exploiting and spamming the Search Engines…Maybe I will start a blog how all SEO is bad and anyone who participates in SEO services is just a loser……What do you think?

        • What do I think? I think you're an idiot. First off, my name is not Charles, dumbass. Second, I'm the CEO of USWeb, an Internet marketing firm. We do specialize in SEO, and I do think people should be very skeptical of most SEO firms, as they are spammers. But I don't see how you compare the two. Why are you still going on about this? Is this how your sponsor wants you spending your time, or should you be out building your "downline"? Loser.

  19. Charles, this is more for your readers than you specifically…. Did anyone here know that certain mainstream companies such as Colgate-Palmolive use and have used a form of Network Marketing (MLM) to create awareness and ultimately demand for their products in certain more remote more 3rd world areas of countries…India is one…Colgate Palmolive has an independent distributor network in India that very closely resembles a MLM / pyramid type business marketing and distribution model… Of course it is NOT their core business model, but obviouls their is enough merit in the concept to use it when appropriate

  20. Charles, this is more for your readers than you specifically…. Did anyone here know that certain mainstream companies such as Colgate-Palmolive use and have used a form of Network Marketing (MLM) to create awareness and ultimately demand for their products in certain more remote more 3rd world areas of countries…India is one…Colgate Palmolive has an independent distributor network in India that very closely resembles a MLM / pyramid type business marketing and distribution model… Of course it is NOT their core business model, but obviously there is enough merit in the concept to use it when appropriate

    • Damn, are you still going? And who the hell is Charles? My name is Ed, you moron. No wonder you can't keep a real job. And if the best legitimization you have for MLM's is that Colgate owns one in India, you're stretching.

      Here's the thing, I've enjoyed our banter. God knows I love irritating people like you. And I figure every minute you're crafting your poorly written responses, that's one less minute you're out trying to screw some poor dude out of his paycheck. But it's not Monday, and some of us have to work. Go away, loser.

  21. You know Ed, I just re-read through your original blog post and I have to say that it is very well written and quite comical and sad at the same time…I can understand why this left a bad taste in your mouth…I would have never considered associating myself with such a company under such circumstances…I'm sorry for the experience you had…Sincerely

  22. I'm reading your story and it's deja vu of what I just went through last weekend. I too was ambushed but wasn't fortunate enough to leave without first being confronted by Scott Ross, apparently one of WorldVentures' directors. When I asked why they didn't promote any way to drive traffic to these subdomains than "word of mouth" he become belligerent to me, started talking right over me when I was mid-sentence, insulted me in front of the entire crowd to the point I was forced to leave. Talk about pressure sales.

    The scene up to that point was identical to yours – they have their little sales pitch down quite well now, don't they.

    Did you hear the "you can make money to infinity?" comments. I heard those several times and now just found that exact same verbiage was being used in YTB pyramid scheme, the one the State of Illinois filed suit against.

    • I know exactly what you mean Lisa. I don't remember if I got the exact "money to infinity" comment, but I got everything else, so I'm sure I did.

      I love that you asked about driving traffic to a sub-domain. It's never about actually getting any sales to your site, it's about getting your friends and family to sign pay you money for this scam, and then to pass it to their friends.

      I'm curious, was your experience in Las Vegas as well? Where are you located?

  23. Hello Ed,

    I just wanted to say I like the site. I know that you had a bad experience with the Network marketing side of the company. But I wanted to let you know another part of this company.

    I'm actually a vacation benefit specialist. We offer a vacation benefit for companies. The same concept as Aflac, health insurance, and etc. I went to your website, and again it looks really good. I can see why you are in such high demand.

    But I wanted to give you a link because I know you said you like to travel a lot.. Go to

    Take a look at it, and let me know what you think. This is not a business opportunity at all, just an amazing benefit for you and your company.

    Again if you need references, I have large companies who I can put you in touch with, and you can ask them how this is benefiting them. Again I'm sorry that you had this experience.

    I think people have the ability to make a choice, but if you are not into that industry; then you should back off.

    Again thanks for your time, and I look forward to hearing from you.

    P.S. I sent you my info. It should be in your contact for your company.


    Joseph McDermott

  24. I can agree with you on this matter but everyone has dreams and aspirations unless one tries he or she will never discover their niche. You found your niche and so has everyone who has been successful in MLM. MLM are cost effective way to start a business, he or she who participates should have a sense of thinking what they are getting into. Just like the norm of any business success you have to work it to be successful. Anyways if you are in the market for a cost effective legal representation please look me up @ http: I would like to earn your business. You do not have to be part of Prepaid Legal Services. This is a public company that trades in the NYSE under ticker symbol PPD. While a lot of companies in the NYSE has fallen, Prepaid Legal Services has stayed on the top. People do use this company for legal services. Its a cost effective way to have a lawyer on your side when you need it.
    With the financial crisis and people falling behind in their debts it is now more critical people and the businesses community will need legal advise. Prepaid Legal Service is their to help. Thanks for your support and your website info. Any comments is very much welcomed.

  25. Thank you Travel God for your blogs,
    Its people like this idiot that has the time to put down home based businesses & networking marketing companies. these are the best opportunity for people to start their own business. I guess this idiot ed or charles whoever he is never heard of Donal Trump, "Rich Dad, Poor Dad Robert Kiyosaki or the biggest Warren Buffet.

    • I think the best part of this comment is that not only have I heard of these people, I have actually met some of the people you mentioned. And I can tell you that people like Robert Kiyosaki and Donald Trump don't do these MLM trade shows because they care about you; it's people like you that provide them a nice steady income. They get a nice chunk of cash from idiots willing to pay hundreds of dollars to sit in the room with a bunch of other idiots and listen to someone who made money by not participating in MLM.

      Since I have actually done work with two of the three people you mentioned, let me educate you on how they made their initial money.

      Trump inherited a lot of Manhattan property from his dad, which then skyrocketed in value. Trump's wealth rises and falls with the value of that property. Now he makes money doing TV shows and being a brand. He also brings in a nice income from people like you who want to hear about how you can be rich too.

      Kiyosaki made his money by flipping properties and rental income. It's an impressive and inspirational story, which is why he got a book deal. He then turned his bestselling book into a cult of fools who are willing to pay hundreds of dollars to hear stories about how they can be rich.

      I have never worked with, nor met, Warren Buffet. But I do know he made money in the market, not selling bogus travel websites to the uneducated masses.

      I know this is tough for you to hear, but these people made money the old fashioned way, not through pyramid schemes and network marketing. Just because these people are willing to take your money for MLM deals doesn't mean you should give it to them. Show me an actual example of someone who made millions through MLM, and I don't mean urban legends talked about at these conferences. If you don't understand finances, at least understand geometry and look at the pyramid. There are very few people standing on the top of many. Where are you on this pyramid? And deep down inside, you know you'll never be on top.

  26. Now thats 1 reason why I do purchase products from these companies and sometime I do become a member this way I can have a great product at wholesale prices—Yeah, what a great concept. Getting top of the line products at wholesale pricing.. wow
    And then if you refer a friend you make a few bucks, again whats wrong with that picture. I wish when I would refer a friend to a movie or a certin shampoo or to a resturant that I would make a refer commission.
    And then the whole pyramid thing, omg! people look at a traditional corporation. Who's on top? the the CEO, CFO,COO, then VP's,managers, then the hourly workers. This is a true pyramid. MLM companys your pay is based on how much and how hard you work. And you do have the opportunity to make just as much or even more then people that were in the business before you…just an FYI on that.
    God Bless the people with open minds, for they do not judge. And they realize that every product or every company is not something they may need. And so sorry for those that don't have a open vision, and feel that they have to slam others or slam companies in the MLM business.

    • You say this, but how much money have you honestly made at MLM? I'm betting you're just jazzed about the idea, but haven't actually made any money yet. Come back in 6 months and tell us all how well you did.

  27. People need to of cousre research the company and make sure it is a product that they will use and want to promote. And again this idiot with this wedsite, doesn't he know that the products that come from direct sale/MLM orhome based businesses are the best products on the market.
    Oh and one more then, Mr. Ambused you act like you were forced and rope tied into going and staying at this meeting that you talk about. You need to educate yourself more, read some books on the success of MLM. Maybe you will be surprised

    • Unfortunately I have had more exposure to MLM than I ever wanted. I have seen the machine built around taking the money of people like you. I know you won't believe me when I tell you this, but there are very big companies that make a good living off you, and then laugh at how dumb you are. That whole "fool and his money" thing is true, and there are players out there taking advantage of it.

  28. This is some of the dumbest commentary I have ever read. Anyone that would spend the time to write an article about another company that they have never been part of and know nothing apart will never succeed in anything because they are too busy trying to find ways and excuses to fail.

    I dont' know anything about this company but googled it to learn something and listen to what others had to say. This kind of crap shouldn't even be allowed to be posted because it is a waste of time.

    Buddy, if you aren't interested in the company than don't participate. If you have tried it and it didn't work or they stole from you…..please feel free to comment all you want………if you haven't participated or haven't been "screwed over" by the company than please feel free to STFU and stop wasting bandwidth.

    Now, does anyone have anything constructive to say about the company itself and the people running it?

  29. I have to say it's really a shame to read peoples experiences about the company that has given me so much in many ways! I totally understand why people would feel upset when treated this way!
    I DO like to add that WorldVentures is not about misleading people at all! Many people have traveled all over the world and saved hundreds of US Dollars with our products so please be aware of the fact that we DO actually deliver a great product! Very sorry about your experience! Just by showing people in an open and honest way that we can save for you and what you can experience is a WAY better way. Many people however are afraid of the bad reaction to MLM and try to mask it… very silly! Honesty is always better!

    Please learn from this!


  30. I really enjoyed this blog, even reading the MLM trolls that come out of the woodwork to defend it in the comments, as is to be expected as they need to defend their "brand".

    I too have been pressured, by Quixtar, Prime America, and in casual discussion World Ventures, which I quickly got out of before it got too serious. These things are scams.

    Your article was very enlightening and helpful!!

    • Thanks, I’m glad you enjoyed it. And it was funny to watch the MLM people come out in defense of the industry. I’m betting most of the people that commented are no longer participating in World Ventures. People just hate to get told that they got scammed.

  31. For those who really want to know how much they can make from WV, look at their Annual Income Disclosure Statement ( Here are two direct quotes from the document itself, which should make it obvious that you won't make anything significant at all, that is, if you make any money at all:

    "On an annual basis (fiscal year 2006 through 2009), 26.3% of all Independent Representatives (“IRs”) earned a commission or override, while 73.7% did not. The average annual commission or override earnings of all IRs, including those who did not earn a commission or override, was $325.01. The average annual commission or override earnings of that group of IRs who earned a commission or override was $1,013.18, and the median was $100.00. The data presented in the table above is based only on those IRs who earned a commission or override within the time period of fiscal year 2006 through the end of 2009."

    "These figures do not represent Representatives’ profits; they do not consider expenses incurred by Representatives in the promotion of their business."
    – Therefore, since you have to pay several hundred dollars to even join, at least 73.7% of the people actually lost money (the percentage of people who lost money would probably be between 80 and 90% considering that 19% of the total 26% who actually made money at all had only made, on average, $193 a year, and buying into the business itself costs more than $193).

    Using the data, these statistics can be determined and verified:

    In order to make, on average, over $21,000 a year with WV, you have to be in the top 0.417% of all people who become a part of WV. The reality is that $21,000 a year is nothing, and it takes being in the top 0.417% of all people in WV in order to have this as a minimum average, which is quite pathetic. So out of 1,000,000 people, only 4,170 people would be making $21,000 or more through WV. And if you want to make, on average, more than $59,478 a year, then you will have to be in the top 0.102% of all people in WV, or 1,020 people out of 1,000,000 people. $59,000 a year is not bad, but considering that you have to be in the top 0.1% in the company in order to make that much, it's nothing but pathetic. And if you want to make, on average, over $178,000 a year, then you will have to be in the top 0.047%, which is 470 people out of 1,000,000 in the company.

    They will tell you that you are being negative, but with numbers like that, you're being nothing but realistic. The conclusion should be to avoid being a part of WV, that is, if your goal is to make money.

    • Chris, this is awesome work. You have gathered factual numbers that will stand up against their b.s. Thank you for posting this. Hopefully others will find this useful and help them avoid making a costly mistake.

  32. Firstly I am part of World Ventures and I know a lot of people that have become financially free! To say it's a scam is very narrow minded! I'll be honest with, I don't agree with how people like yourselves are "prospected" It can make you feel uncomfortable, I agree with that. What I tend to do is ask people about themselves and find out if they might be interested in something else. If I get the feeling they're not, I won't bother. I never pressure anyone to sign up, MLM is not for everyone. But I for one am glad that I am involved in MLM, otherwise I would be stuck in a dead end job! Now I have a future to look forward to! To make it work you actually have to put some effort in, it's like anything in life. If you went in to your day job with putting as little effort in you would be fired, it's as simple as that! If MLM is not for you, that is absolutely fine but at least give the facts to back up you're claims it's a scam!

      • As respectful as I can say this, I resent this site so much! I have read this entire page and those dreamers happen to be the ones that once had a vision and made it happen! With out a vision you cant see to create… do you get that! Let me enlighten you about the real problem that lies in front of us! In this generation people are looking for instant gratification! If they don’t see results immediately or not in the time frame they in visioned then it must not work! Ed I am talking specifically to you right now when you read this post! when you built your company from the ground up did it happen in a year? Of course not. Did you have the OPPORTUNITY to make all your money back in a day? How about a week? Lets say a about a month, and have Zero overhead. Let me ask you this. How many people try to start up there own business and fail. Lets say a landscaping company or what ever, something besides a network marketing company. How many of those people failed!!! Was that a scam? What about those people? Anybody who has gotten any where and placed themselves into a position to achieve and win what ever level of success they desired derived from a clear vision. A “Dream” something you found to only stay a dream and never or rarely become a reality. My response to that type of thinking is you guys will make great employees! We need them to! People who dont ever look where there going and just live there life letting others make decisions for them! I could give you a lot of facts about World Ventures but it doesnt matter anyways you still would look for some small discrepancy and call it a Scam or a hoax. Is a tread mill a scam? Many people buy those and use them a few times a year and wonder why they HAVE NOT lost weight. Also I am pretty concerned that when running on one of those crazy things i’m not ever going anywhere so how do I know I even ran 5 miles… Must be scam. WE are changing peoples live for the people who take it seriously. Let that be understood! Nor do we sell! As a team WE introduce the idea of doing something different and show information on the Company and Product! The Idea and product sells itself. I take it personal to run across people who are dream stealer s. Due to comments that you and others make you influence through negative data that you probably wont make it. That is like a Doctor telling a patient who had be recently diagnosed with cancer that he has a very slim chance to live so he should just not even try and give up!!!! When you start living in faith and stop living in fear is when things becomes easier to see and obtain! They just make it happen and that is why the other 73.7 %(according to your figures) of the people don’t make it! Because if people like yourself you try to ruin something great! I’m accepting applications!

  33. great article Ed,
    I have all these things to say about MLM and VW in particular (mostly because it sells air) but I always end up to one thing;
    do these people have any concience? have they learned to treat people as people and not as numbers for their benefit?
    better have your own business or actually work for the money you make. NOT get paid for recruiting (conning) other (desparate) people
    I wouldn't buy in this thing even if it had 1% failure rate. its unethical and I am worried where this world is going.

  34. I enjoyed reading this. Thank you for sharing, Ed. I was laughing through it because I just got lured into a meeting very similar to this. They were selling me the opportunity to rip off people I know by convincing them that they can get their utilities cheaper by paying them through a special website. We were all business owners in the room. We all agreed times are tough and they still wanted to take my$499. I resisted the strong urge to do this….(smirking) . The guy that sounds like your ‘Tom’ called me the next day and offered to front me the $499 because he knows that I can make the money back in just a few weeks…..UMMM. I agree that they are not my kind. Have a nice day and thanks for sharing.

  35. MLMs are all the same. You often wind up losing more money than you would ever earn by being involved in them. In fact, if these business opportunities were so wonderful, nobody would have to be convinced to join. They wouldn’t have to hold meetings to persuade people to join – people would be beating down the doors to join.

  36. Here at Worldventures we’re changing peoples lives. It’s all about making some money and making the whole teams lives better. Look I could have pretty much done anything with my life that I want and I chose to do this pyramid thing. It works really well at my level and I’m having a good time. The income disclosure statement is a bunch of bologna, my team is gonna turn those figures around! We are also gonna change lives and have never ending residual income!

  37. Ed –
    Reading this in July 2012, I’m wondering if you did any actual journalistic investigation on World Ventures since ’09 and do you still stand behind this column you wrote, and why?

    • I’m sorry, what investigative journalism do you think I owe you? This as my personal experience. I can tell you that 99% of people I meet involved with MLM’s are either shady, losers, or both. Feel free to launch your own investigation and tell us what you found. I would be especially interested in hearing about anyone making millions from this crap.

  38. I feel you on this Ed. These are all the same. I was with NuSkin for awhile. They got me to throq a party ay my home for their products,none of my friends bought anything.LOL but at lase they all got mini facials out of it. I eventully canned this. I just couldn’t see myself bugging my friends and family to join under me ect…after my family I would have to bug starngers.

    I always love their approach of telling people how “special” they are. They did that at nuskin too,the pomise of a better financial life yada yada….They really know how to prey on desperate people. You made the right move.

  39. Just read this carefully only.There are more but this is enough.
    Its a 72 page document of an interrogation of a former WorldVentures employee who explains clearly how the spots of top IMD’s were ‘grandfathered’ into the position with the blessings of WorldVentures owners
    It takes a long time to read, but worth the time if you are looking to know some cold hard facts

  40. @Matt – If you don’t see the difference between someone starting a landscaping business, one of the most physically laborious businesses one can go into, and someone selling “opportunities” to their friends, than there is nothing I can say.

    To answer your question, no, starting my business was not easy. I had to make sacrifices of time, and risk the little cash I had. I worked long hours and created value for clients. That is not what people do in MLM. They simply try to build up a downline of like minded suckers, and hope that continues.

    I don’t get your treadmill analogy, likely because it makes no sense.

    If you make a living tricking people into giving their hard earned money, knowing they will likely not make anything of your “opportunity”, then you’re simply the worst kind of scum. Try finding a business that brings value to people’s lives, or at least doesn’t harm others. There’s more to life than money, and despite the way it sometimes seems in the media, the people who understand that tend to be much happier.

  41. There is value in What world ventures offers… discount travel is the product, and considering you take any business model and it is a pyramid, you have to ask yourself do you always want to be bottom rung or do you want to run your own thing where nobody is telling you what to do how to do it or would you rather be traveling with friends and family and doing things that make life worth living. maybe those aren’t things you enjoy perhaps working 8 to 12 hours a day and not having any time to be with the ones you care about or forging a legacy of a life out for yourself are not obtainable or desired goals for you. read rich dad poor dad and listen to Dave Ramsey they endorse Network marketing and they are debt free, and wealthy. Your are only hindered by your in ability to understand what you have… hell anything could be an opportunity but if you have your mind closed to it from the start, you might as well living the 40hours for forty years to finish out on 40% of what you already couldn’t live on the past forty years.

    • Once again, the cult talk… “just open your mind”. The “product” of discount travel clearly comes secondary to you trying to sign up a downline. If you and I were to sit down and talk about all the exciting things World Ventures has to offer, you would not be referring to the great travel discounts, you’d be trying to get me to scam my friends and family so that you can make a few bucks.

      Joey, I read your comment and I can tell you’re not overly educated and likely have limited opportunities. But joining pyramids scams is not the answer. Being broke is cool, being that guy who rips off his friends, or the one everyone avoids because you’re always trying to get them to give you money, is not. Sic transit gloria, my friend. Money is not with screwing your friends and family.

      I’m not saying you don’t aspire to be more; you should shoot for the stars. By all means, read Rich Dad, Poor Dad. Study up on real estate trends, start a company doing something you’re passionate about, pursue a high education to get promoted at work. But don’t do things that you know deep inside will hurt other people for the sake of bettering your position. It won’t work, and then you’re left bankrupt in a much more real way.

  42. WOW!!

    May I begin with some questions?
    How much money did you earn last year?
    How many people are you helping earn your level of income?
    If increasing the above two numbers isn’t a goal, what is?

    I am ALL IN on World Ventures. The majority of the comments that I have read seem to attract a misery that will love your company Mr. Shull.
    I will be unable to vouch for others in the company, however, I know that I have found something that is working for me as well as others on my success team. Just because someone presented you with an opportunity, that, if the steps given were applied, could change your life in a positive way, showed it to you incorrectly you should not cast a large shadow on all entrepreneurs in other mlm business’. Of course the same mindset was had when franchises were created and now to professional networkers.
    If I had the mindset of some of your readers I would probably still be on all fours crawling like an infant because it was too hard to first couple of times and decided to quit.
    Perhaps you felt you couldn’t do it or your mind wasn’t open to the idea. Or, you “tried” and this is why you failed in previous en-devours which created a trybaby mentality. Do. Or do not.
    If, with all due respect, I were you I would take the best opportunity that gets me excited and just do it! It doesn’t matter whether it’s coffee, travel or electronic services this industry is creating more first time millionaires than the number 2,3,4 and 5 industries in the world combined, which are oil & gas, retail, utilities and pharmaceuticals. The only reason I haven’t named travel, being the number one is because World Ventures is in Trillion dollar travel industry.
    I have millionaires helping me become successful, whose helping you?

    • Why do you people always sound like you’re in a cult? “Just open your mind”, “They opened my eyes”. I’m glad you’re “All IN” with World Ventures. I would like you to promise me to visit your comment again in 2 years. So you can take responsibility for what was clearly your failure to make World Ventures work. Or maybe you’ll feel differently then.

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