My Apple Predictions

I have to admit to being an Apple rumor junkie. I check often for the latest info, which is often someone’s handy work in Photoshop. So I thought I would make my own list of predictions of what Apple will do this year. It will be fun to cross check this in December and see how close I was.

First, a full screen video iPod. This is a must. I predict that Apple will release this in ’06, very soon, and that it will be the most scratched item on the planet.

Second, they will release a media center of sorts. This is a pretty lame prediction, because they already kind of have one now with the Mac Mini. But, I suspect that they will make even more functions to add to your home theatre.

Third, Apple will release the iPhone. This one I am most certain of because of the confirmations that Apple is talking to the vendors in Asia. I think this will come with a 4gig HD for iTunes, possibly a 1gig Flash, and that it will sync up with iCal and address book.

Fourth, I think Apple will take another shot at getting people to switch by having their new OS run Windows apps. The recent switch to Intel, and the supposed relationship with BAPco. could mean that they are moving in this direction by November. Which would give Microsoft a good kick in the nuts for delaying Vista. (Is anyone else feeling like MS is going to try to sell us a car that they can’t even get started themselves?)

Fifth, I think a tablet must be on the way. My concern is that it will be the MacBook non-pro. I tried the TabletPC because I love the idea of it. But the thing was horrible. Obviously Apple could do this right, but I just hope they do it with a fast machine. For some reason all the Wind Tablets are slower machines.

Sixth, iTMS will start offering movies. They already offered one, but I think they will expand on that. I don’t think they will enter a relationship with Blockbuster or Netflix, but instead with Disney or Tivo. Obviously Steve now has a lot of influence with Disney. I predict that we will see a Disney movie (potentially one of the classics, more likely one of the Pixar) come to iTMS this year.

On top of these, I also think there is an outside chance we will see a Mac PDA. I don’t know if it will happen this year, but I think it’s very possible in ’07.

The exciting thing is that how Apple may not release everything I predict, they will release some things that I am not even thinking about. Like Guy Kawasaki said, if you asked most people back in the early 80’s what Apple should make, they would have said the Apple III. No one would have thought of a GUI or a mouse. I’m looking forward to seeing what happens. We may even get a treat on April 1st for their 30th anniversary.

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