Car Finalist

I think I have narrowed he search for a new car down to 4 models.

First, the Nissan Murano.   It fits my need for being a SUV type vehicle, but drives like a car.   I wouldn’t consider this one, but Andy speaks very highly of it.   I admit that they look cool.   I’m just not crazy about the name,

Second, the Lexus RX400h.   This was my first choice, but there is no Lexus dealer within 2 hours of my new place.   That would be a bit annoying for maintenance.   I do like the fact that it drives like a car, and it’s a hybrid, so I feel a little less guilty with a SUV.

Third, Volvo SUV.   It’s a bit of a soccer mom car, but it’s safe, and it’s got some great features.   Although it’s a bit big for what I was looking for.

Fourth, the BMW X5.   I admit this would be a vanity purchase.   It’s just so nice.   Incredible power, comfortable, and ever feature I could really want.   Of course it’s also $80k.   I’m not incredibly price conscious on this, but that may be a bit much.   But there is always the idea of leasing†¦.

The next step is to go take these for test drives.

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