Medford Personal Injury Lawyer

Living near Medford Oregon for a short time, I was lucky enough to not experience an accident.   But I did have the opportunity to meet some of the local personal injury lawyers around town.  

Having driven around Medford a bit, I could see where they might get a lot of business.   First off, the some of the people in downtown Medford seem found of the drink, and maybe not overly cautious about using restraint when it comes to getting their cars inebriated.   That’s bound to lead to some sort of litigation.

Then there is the foul weather.   Medford itself actually have a fairly calm climate.   It rains a bit, and only snows enough to look like Christmas, which is nice.   But the mountains roads around the area can turn nasty when covered in ice.  

You add precarious weather to the amount of semi-trucks that are passing through Interstate 5, which cuts right down the center of Oregon from Washington to LA, and you have a potential mix for a lot of motor vehicle accidents where someone could end up getting sued.

I’m not up enough on Oregon law to know what happens when one motorist doesn’t have insurance, but I can’t imagine a judge would look kindly upon that.  

One nice thing I do have to say about Medford, as far as motor vehicles go, is that the DMV was relatively painless.   I was in and out pretty quick, which was an unexpected treat.   I’m not looking to going to the DMV here.  

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