Las Vegas Quickbooks Accountants

I moved to the Las Vegas area a few months ago.  One of the first things I needed to find in town was an accounting firm that deal with Quickbooks.  I started checking through the web, Yellow Pages, local business magazines, etc…  After a long search, I came across 3 – 4 different choices.

What I was really looking for was an accountant who was a certfied Quickbooks Accountant, and trainer.  I wanted them to handle my personal finances, as well as company financials.  

One of the key points I was looking for was an accounting firm to audit my past fianncials.  I have found this to be a helpful sales tool with prospects.  I also had the challegne that all my records were contained within Peachtree, so I had to decide how to transfer that over.

The firm I went with was very helpful.  They helped get my finances in line, they are training me on Quickbooks, and they are going to start auditing my financials every quarter.  They also recommended just to close out the year with Peachtree, and start fresh in 2009 with Quickbooks.  This would save the time, expense and sanity of having to attempt to transfer Peachtree to Quickbooks.  Peachtree does not make that easy.  All in all, I’m pretty happy with the Las Vegas Quickbook accountants I hired.


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