Document Management Consulting

I recently joined the Las Vegas Chamber of Commerce, and I was doing some research on the types of companies who join up.   One of the more interesting business models is the document management consultants.  

At first I thought that these were just guys trying to get me to buy a more expensive copy machine, but there is an amazing amount of work and thought that goes into document management.   For example, having all your printing be copied to a master database, so you can keep better records of contracts and correspondence.   The same with faxes; not only can you get faxes directed to the right employee email, but also have copies of them kept on a server.  

This made me start thinking about how difficult it would be to set this type of system up with something like Google Docs.   Can you set up something where every time I print to my Epson printer, it automatically sends a copy to my Google Docs account?  

We currently get faxes through email, so I guess I could just copy my Google Docs, and then go through and name them.  

Pretty interesting concepts though, and worth checking out a couple local document management consultants here in Las Vegas

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