The Las Vegas Convention and Visitors Authority held a vote on Wednesday, in which it approved a $48.6 million contract with Elon Musk’s tunneling venture, the Boring Company. The Las Vegas Convention Center Loop (LVCC) is reported to have two tunnels for vehicles and three stations, as well as a pedestrian tunnel to provide fast and convenient transportation for convention and trade show attendees across the LVCC campus.

“Three Design Options are being considered, which will offer convenient access from five potential station locations placed in close proximity to key LVCC destinations and nearby transportation connections,” the Boring Company stated in a blog post.

A typical walk between the New Exhibit Hall to the existing North/Central Hall can take up to 15 minutes, but with the LVCC Loop, the same trip will take only approx. 1 minute using Loop, a high-speed underground public transportation system where passengers are transported via compatible autonomous electric vehicles (AEVs) at up to 155 miles per hour.

The project is expected to be done in time for the Consumer Electronics Show in January 2021, according to LVCVA, though Musk tweeted that the project could be running by the end of the year.

Future expansions to augment LVCC Loop are already being talked about, which could include service extensions to McCarran International Airport, hotels on the Las Vegas Strip, downtown Las Vegas, Las Vegas Stadium, and, in the long term, Los Angeles. Any of these future expansions would be designed with similar compatible construction infrastructure and AEVs.

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