JetBlue Even More Speed Program

I lived on in the West when JetBlue stated getting popular, but I would constantly hear about how awesome they were.   Whenever I asked what was some wonderful about JetBlue, I would get the same response…you can watch DirecTV.   Now I can appreciate the opportunity to watch Soprano’s (which was the big show at the time) as much as the next guy, but was it really that much of a boost?   But then I finally got the chance to fly JetBlue.

I will say that all airlines suck, just like all wireless carriers suck, but JetBlue is clearly about the best domestic airline out there.   They have an unusually helpful staff, the planes seem to be in better condition, and the amenities (like DirecTV) do seem better.

Obviously JetBlue has had their share of issue, especially with the reputation of leaving people trapped on runways so much.   But like I said, all airlines suck.   But JetBlue does seem intent on keeping ahead of the curve.   And their newest program is a great step in that direction.   The Even More Speed program, yes that’s what it is called.

The Even More Speed program is supposed to give travelers access to the TSA fast lane at 14 different airports; Austin, Baltimore, Buffalo, Charlotte, Chicago, Ft. Lauderdale, Jacksonville, Las Vegas, Los Angeles, New York/JFK, Newark, San Francisco, Seattle, and Washington/Dulles.   JetBlue said they will be adding Boston this month, and more airports will be added.

The Even More Speed program is mean to be combined with the Even More Space program, which gives passengers priority boarding and more legroom.   Some airlines break this down into Coach and First Class, but JetBlue has no class, they just have upsells.

If you bundle the two programs together, it will cost anywhere from $10 to $65, depending on the length of the flight.   The idea of being able to purchase a bigger seat, priority seating (essentially business class), and go through the TSA fast lane for, at the most, $65 seems like a no brainer.   What do you think, are you willing to pay to pass through the line quicker?



  1. Yes, without a doubt it’s worth it. My wife and I travel between Boston and San Diego in January for vacation. We’ve done so for the last 5 or 6 years. We always buy the Even More Legroom (now Even More Space) upgrade. JetBlue is the only carrier I’m aware of that runs the non-stop flight. I just bought our tickets today and purchased the upgrade again. The only disappointment is that it is not offered in San Diego, but I’m hoping JetBlue will get it done in time for our flights. I put the bug in their ear on the website. With the extra room, the no-cash bar, clean new planes, priority boarding and very pleasant flight attendants, I see no reason to shop any other airline.

    And the bonus? I have been checking the web site every day for a few weeks looking for a price drop for our itinerary. It has been $268/person each way every day. Today, for some reason, it was $170/person each way for a couple of hours. You can bet I snapped that up! Only an hour or two later, the price was back to $268.

  2. I purchased the even more speed upgrade and it was a total waste of money I do not recommend this purchase for anyone . People kept cutting in front of me and New York employees for Jet Blue were rude and unhelpful. I spent 10 for nothing as people that were way behind me in line checking baggage got through way before I did using the upgrade. My first time flying Jet Blue and the flight to New York was a disaster and am waiting for my flight home. Hope it goes better

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