Jesika Kelsey Killed By Brother

Highland Township — In the early morning hours on New Year’s Day, Steven Kelsey, 19, stabbed his 17 year old sister, Jesika, in the throat, raped her, and then stabbed her in the eye to kill her.   Steven had just finished basic training at Fort Jackson and was scheduled to return to boot camp within a matter of days.   While friends and family celebrated the New Year, Steven made sexual advances toward his younger sibling.   When his advances were refused, he took a knife stabbing her in the neck and proceeded to rape the young girl.   Apparently, after seeing the suffering his sister was enduring, he decided to end her life quickly by stabbing her in the eye in an effort to pierce her brain.   Investigators have revealed that the knife did not go deep enough to kill Jesika Kelsey quickly and she suffered a long and heinous death.

Steven Kelsey’s identification was found along with a backpack filled with knives covered in his sister’s blood.   Police contacted the Kelsey home, spoke with Steven’s mother, and asked her where Steven was located.   The mother told police that to the best of her knowledge the teen was taking care of errands.   Kelsey’s mother then checked on her 17 year-old daughter where she found the child dead in her bedroom.   Steven was charged with a single count of first degree murder, a single count of felony murder, and put in jail with no bond set.   He has not been charged with the sexual assault despite his admissions to the crime.



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  1. you should listen and try to undersatnd wat u say about this young man if u knew him ud kno somthin is not right with this stry its just not him i new him and he was a good prsn he might of done it "might" but if he did that is horrible and somthing wasnt right he did not intend for this to happen and i so sry jessica is gone . . !! that is horrible but we dont kno if he really did it i mean 4 all u kno someone can b forcing him to take the fall maybee he is in danger think people i mean these parents who i personally kno are not only loosing there daughter but their son who had just started to find his way in a good life

      • well as we all know now steven did it, unfortunately..but i do agree that this was not him. i also knew him personally, and jesika too…this is not the steven i know. the steven i know would've never of done something like this! there has to be something that was going on to explain this..first of all he did not finish basic training he was home on leave in the middle of basic training. if i recall from a few ppl isn't it extensive training, where they basically break u down and pretty much rebuild u? for making advances towards his sister all day, i don't think so..u guys just print what sounds good to u at the time. "SPECULATION!" just to get ppl sucked in to read your sad it is for the family members to feel such pain and then to read all the lies. shame on u! i think steven will eventually get the help he needs to deal w/what he has done. there are alot more factors that played a role in this..but unless u were at the trial u would not understand! has justice been served for jesika? "yes" has justice been served for steven, we will have to wait and is not our job to judge but only the lord will decide his faith! R.I.P. jesika i know u made a beautiful angel!

        • I’m sorry, but Jesika was my best friend. I was over their house almost everyday (since I lived 2 houses down). Steven was always a twisted little fuck. I am not at all surprised that he made sexual advances towards her and unfortunately enough, Im sure it wasn’t the first time she had to fight him off. Maybe you didn’t know him as well as you think you did, but this makes disgusting sense to me. Jesika was a beautiful person and he deserves to rot in hell for what he’s done. He doesn’t need help. He needs a death penalty.

          • Twisted little fuck? No, he does need help, if he didnt need help this wouldnt have happend. CLEARLY. you obviously didnt know them how YOU think you did. Jesika RIP i love you girly.

  2. I understand this guy well enough, thanks. He's a sick **** and he should be killed. We should all be like Dexter and channel our own sickness and rage and aggression into killing sick scum like this guy.

  3. to “a friend and foe”
    Listen, I ´m German but my english is way better than yours! Normally we are against the death penalty but this sick man should simply go.

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