Is George Bush the Worst President in History?

A few years ago people started declaring the worst president in United States history.   These views were shot down by people educated in political history of the U.S.   But that was a few years, and a awful lot of polls, ago.   George Bush is now at a 70% disapproval rating.   To put that into perspective, Nixon, while leaving the White House to avoid criminal prosecution, was around 66% disapproval rating.  

But popularity doesn’t make a president great, or the worst.   It is possible that over 210,000,000 people are wrong.   After all, it was the wisdom of crowds that won Bush the election.   Of course that’s not 100% accurate, as we now know, Bush didn’t win the 2000 election, but he did win re-election.  

But when we look at the ongoing fiasco that will become the Bush legacy, it’s easy to see how the case can be made that George W. Bush is indeed the worst president in history.   A war we shouldn’t have started, American’s rights being stripped away at a never before seen level, and now the biggest economic melt down since the great depression.   George W. Bush has been very efficient at showing how fragile our country really is when in the hands of an incompetent and self-serving administration.

Thankfully it seems that we are not doomed to repeat this in the next election.   Barack Obama is starting to pull ahead in the polls, beating the margin of error numbers for the first time in this election.   And with Thursday debate coming up between clearly one of the dumbest people to ever be nominated to office, Sarah Palin, and Senator Joe Bidden, things should be even better by the weekend.

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