The “most significant racing Ferrari in existence” is for sale. The 1963 275 P won Le Mans outright two years in a row in 1963 and 1964, making the car one of the very few to win the mother of all motor races twice.

The Ferrari contains chassis no. 0816 and originally had no intention of racing in the 1963 event. The Ferrari that was supposed to perform in the race bears chassis no. 0814, but a month before Le Mans, the car crashed during practice. Without enough time to repair the car, the Chassis 0816 was sent in its place.

Once the Ferrari won the race at Le Mans, the chassis 0816 was sent to the United States, where it was driven in the Canadian Grand Prix and L.A. Times Grand Prix by Ferrari factory driver John Surtees. Afterwards, the car was sent back to Italy to prepare for the 1964 Le Mans.

The Chassis 0816 has never been restored. The original engine, gearbox and body are all in the original car. It was first sold to Luigi Chinetti’s North American Racing Team in 1964 and to the Mas du Clos Collection in France in 1970. It’s now up for sale again by RM Sotheby’s private sales department.

As one of the most important Ferrari race cars in history, the one-of-a-kind vehicle could fetch tens of millions of dollars, much like a rare work of art. An official asking price has not yet been released. Sotheby’s calls the item “the most significant sports racing Ferrari in existence.”

As a private sale, the Chassis 0816 will not be auctioned, but offered as an outright sale. However, the Ferrari will be on display at the Monterey Conference Center, where RM Sotheby’s will be holding an auction August 24-25 during Monterey Car Week.

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