Highland Park, an Orkney single malt whisky distillery, released its oldest whisky since 2010 that is sourced from two ex-Sherry hogshead casks. The casks were first filled in 1964 and ultimately produced the 50-year-old whisky.

During the transport of casks from one maturation warehouse to another nine years ago, the casks were unable to travel together due to any potential accidents. Once the casks arrived, they were married and further enhanced with some leftover liquid produced from Highland Park’s 2010 50-year-old release.

Each bottle is priced at £13,500 ($15,000) a bottle, which is actually £3,000 more expensive than the last similarly-aged release eight years ago, according to Forbes. Only 274 bottles will be available, although they will most likely being purchased quickly by collectors.

John Galvin, Scottish designer and master craftsman, created an oak box to house the whisky. He is one of the industry’s main go-to names for creating cabinets for luxury, high-end whisky bottles. The whisky is bottled at 42.5 percent, aside from chill-filtration or artificial color. Each number displays a number and is signed by Highland Park whisky maker Max McFarlane.

The taste is described as “sweet at first, with notes of ripe black cherries and muscovado sugar, giving way to dried autumn fruits and warm, toasted wood.”

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