Hike in Style With Gucci’s Flashtrek Sneakers

When thinking about hiking shoes the word elegant rarely comes to mind, that is until Gucci released their fashion-forward sports sneaker. While other brands have designed similar shoes, Gucci has completely outdone itself with their new Flashtrek sneaker.

Gucci has found success again with their latest design, the Flashtrek sneaker. The Flashtrek sneaker has been designed for hiking but they are not solely for that use as they also are appropriate for other occasions. Whether you want to wear them to go hiking through muddy trails or to simply walk down the street, the Flashtrek fits right in. The recording Offset, from the trio Migos, was recently spotted wearing the sneakers, which will most likely bring more spotlight to the shoe. Other labels such as Kith and Our Legacy have also joined in on the lavish sneaker.

Alessandro Michele, Creative Director at Gucci, has created a pair of hiking shoes with features that consumers have been looking for and created a lavish shoe with all the sports fun still incorporated. To start, the shoe features a mix of upscale leather, suede, and canvas panels in a variety of different shades. The Flashtrek has an oversized rubber sole but the most eye-catching feature seems to be the bright red rubber Gucci logo on the tongue. The sneaker comes in three different color themes. The first two options feature a choice of blue or green/black leather and the third color features shades of brown. As the seasons begin to change, you can expect to see more of these luxury sneakers out and about.

You can get your hands on a pair of Flashtrek sneakers at Gucci.com, as well as at select Gucci stores. Flashtrek sneakers are currently being sold at a price point between $980 and $1,590 on their website and can range from $980 to $1,150 in select stores.

Alessandro Michele began his early design career at Fendi where he was a Senior Accessories Designer. Then, in 2002, he moved into Gucci’s London-based design office. He had many roles in Gucci which included Leather Goods Design Director and Associate to Frida Giannini, former Creative Director.

It was during the Gucci Fall/Winter 2015-16 runway show that Alessandro Michele first revealed a new direction for Gucci with his designs in the Women’s Fall/Winter 2015-16 collection. Since then he has had many top-notch designs which now include his newly launched Flashtrek sneaker.

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