Gresso iPhone Time Machine

Gresso iPhone Time Machine
Gresso add elegance to the already elegant iPhone 4 buy adding six Swiss watches to the back of the device.

A few days ago I ripped the Tag Heuer Link Smartphone for being a crap phone wrapped in rare leather and precious metal.   My main gripe is that if they are going to sell a phone for thousands of dollars, it would cost too much more to make sure that phone itself was decent.   Thankfully some companies agree with that theory.   Take a look at the Gresso iPhone Time Machine.  

The first thing you’ll notice about this beautiful piece of art is that it’s an iPhone 4, which is in part why it’s so beautiful.   I know I’m an Apple fanboy, but I don’t think I’m being biased when I say there is currently no more elegant design in a phone that the iPhone 4.

But what Gresso did is add something to the design, specifically 6 small mechanical Swiss watches to the back, representing the times in New York, London, Paris, Moscow, Hong Kong and Tokyo.   Which will be great for you alcoholics, because it’s always happy hour somewhere, right?

It’s mind blowing to me that they were able to fit the watches into that space, but I guess that’s what these guys do.

The Gresso iPhone Time Machine is selling for $6,000.   How it’s highly unlikely I would decide to purchase a phone like this, especially since I upgrade phones every year, often the very day Apple begins selling them, I will admit that it’s very beautiful and elegant.   If this modification was 1/10th the price, which would still be significantly more than I pay for the phone, I would consider it.   The other problem of course is that you couldn’t really have a case that covers the back.

But I have to say that Gresso iPhone Time Machine makes a lot more sense that the typical Vertu phone, or the Tag Heuer.   What do you think?


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