Gamepal threatens to sue me

I seem to be a lighting rod of litigation lately.  The latest stems from our friends at Gamepal who don’t like the fact that I have shared my experiences with their service. As some of you might recall, I used their service for a World of Warcraft account to level up a character for me.  While they had control of the account, it was banned.  It could have been because they used bots, or maybe some sort of foreign IP detection, or whatever.  But the end result was that I was banned.

After complaining to Gamepal about my account, I was told that they were not responsible.  They wouldn’t even issue a refund.  So I wrote a post about my experiences.  That post has become one of my more popular posts, in large part because I now rank #2 for the term, “Gamepal”.  Not too far below me is a Rip off Report about Gamepal.    

So at 1:06 AM on a Sunday, I get an email from their “corporate counsel” demanding that I take the post, which now has over 70 comments, down.   Here is a little quote:

“We have repeatedly asked Ed Shull, owner and administrator of the domain to stop spamming, defaming, slandering, providing damaging and harmful information including Gamepal, Inc. employee and location information, posting ways to fraud our site, posting false information across the internet about Gamepal, Inc., and allowing false accusations against our company.”

That is one long sentence!  Well, I have not spammed them or done anything else here.  I posted my own experiences with their company.  Obviously the comment section is filled with a lot people who have shared negative experiences as well.   My response is below:
“This is a blog post I wrote about my own experiences.  It is 100% accurate.  This is my blog and I am certainly free to share my personal experiences with the world through it.  If you don’t like what I have to say than you should have treated your customers better.  I have received comments that contained personal information (phone numbers and addresses) about your management.  I have not posted those as a courtesy.”

They have given me a deadline of 11/25 to take down my blog post.  Obviously I’m not doing any such thing.  This is my blog, I have been 100% honest, and I have every right to say what I like. And to be honest, some of the most popular blogs out there got that way because they were sued by idiots just like these.  So I guess I hope they do file a lawsuit.

To be fair I should mention that a couple months back someone from Gamepal offered up a refund.  And to be nice I gave them a chance to clear their name.  How I was unwilling to take down my post, I did offer them the chance to level up a character to prove they don’t get every account banned.   They decided they didn’t want to accept the challenge.  I think it’s clear why.

Here is some friendly advice for Gamepal.  If you want to protect your brand online, start by treating your customers well.  And when you see something from a customer that is negative, try to resolve the situation amicably.   All you’re doing here is fanning the flames.  There is now another negative post about you that will strengthen my position in the Google rankings for your name.  And I have once again referenced the Rip Off Report article, which will make that possibly move up another spot in Google.  This is also being tagged in Technorati, which will now go out to anyone who checks for info on Gamepal, or World or Warcraft.  And if you file a suit, this will get picked up by other news agencies, and you will have a lot of very popular sites talking about my review of your service.

And another tip, a real lawyer cost about $100 to send out a short email and a certified letter.  It’s well worth the expense if you’re trying to intimidate someone.  Your letter looks cheesy.


  1. Ed I posted before,
    You did something that is strictly against the rules of WOW, in that you got a character power-leveled,
    you know/knew the risks (played 2 years, ofc you do/did)
    You paid the highest price and that is you lost your account.

    Ok, you didn’t get your money back but thats part of the risk taken and you took it.

    Bud, deal with it, and leave the poor farmers alone, its Christmas and they gotta eat to y’know.


  2. just checking to see if the above would be added or deleted, seems nothing I write now is put up but we’ll see the site has been acting very funny.

  3. Yeah.. gamepal is a joke, for one you can write any thing you want its called freedom of speech, 2 got news for ya gamepal nothing that was stated is false, your a horrible company, you treat your customers like crap, you fail to produce your products, and when you do they get banned. if any thing we should sue you for false advertising. and yes gamepal i stole back accounts that i sold to you because you tried to screw me. if you want to press charges go right ahead my lawyer would have a field day with your ass, you dont have any legal right to those accounts because they are SOE’s accounts not yours. and you know what…i think i might start a website of my own… ill name it somthing close to and ill link this and every other fraudulent report that gamepal has out there. you have a problem with me gamepal email me and tell me all about it [email protected]

  4. “including Gamepal, Inc. employee and location information” BY the way gamepal… all of this information is public knowledge, AND i believe i saw some sort of locations on your website…not sure though…

  5. You’ve handled the situation very well. While I don’t approve of power-leveling, it would be stupid to say that no one does it. I’m angry that they ripped you off, I’m glad that you and others are speaking out. You paid for a service that they didn’t provide, so you should get some type of refund (since they can’t compensate you for the many hours you played on the character before it got banned).

    You rock. Keep it up, consumers support you. The only people who want you to take it down are those who are responsible for ratting out their customers in the first place.

    Way to go Gamepal. I’m sure you’ll have lots of customers now. Enjoy.

  6. Mandy – Thanks for the comment. I do get some people who don’t get why I’m upset. As I have mentioned before, I’m not mad at Blizzard for banning me. I tried to go around the rules, and I got nailed. A little harsh, but I get their point. But…Gamepal simply didn’t finish the job. They were supposed to level me up to a certain level, and they didn’t do that. So how I can’t hold them completely responsible for my account, they didn’t do the work for the money I paid them, so I should have gotten a refund.

    I guess that’s just going over the point again for no real reason. Thanks for the nice comment. It does look like the post, and mostly the large volume of unhappy comments from Gamepal customers is detouring some business from them.

  7. -“posting false information across the internet about Gamepal, Inc., and allowing false accusations against our company.”

    Yeah…sure gamepal…which of the statements are false? one or two? cuz I’m SURE I’m not the ONLY one you screwed over…

  8. I too got screwed by gamepal. I purchased an account for over $600.00 from them, received login and password, was promised the rest of the info in 30 days. Guess what over 2 months later, over 100 emails and nothing back from them. The account is useless without the email, password, secret question etc. They suck and I will do everything in my power to get them back. They have no contact info except email and live chat which is useless. Anyone who can help???

  9. I’ve got nasty emails from these idiots before for selling an account to them. They can’t spell for crap and same day I get the email I also get a phone call from a collection agency on their behalf.

  10. Ed –

    This will be a bit of a surprise. Lilly, from the Live Chat. If you have the time please, contact me via my email. I have some insightful information you might want to provide here to customers and potential buyers from Gamepal.

    Shit has hit the fan my friend, and someone’s about to burn. Cheers.

  11. Hey Ed, I wanted to let you know that Eric Smith has just lost his ENTIRE staff due to cheating them. He promised one wage and paid another. From what I’ve been told, he also cheated the company that bailed him out of his first powerleveling disaster. The one that happened when blizzard did a mass banning (that resulted in YOUR account being banned). Nobody got a refund from that massive wave of bans. Although I did hear that the people who rode in and saved his entire powerleveling department tried to get you a refund or a free pl, even if you DIDN’T take down the post, just to make it right. Which Eric Smith refused to allow. This is a company that has such a vile reputation in the powerleveling community that few companies are willing to work with him anymore. Even his staff, his powerlevelers, his middle management for accounts and powerleveling, his live chat people, EVERYONE, just told him good-bye.

    And THAT is the Real truth about

  12. I just got an email saying i owe them $500 because the password reset on the wow account i sold them 3 months ago.I havent touched wow or the account since i sold it.They also said they are sending a collection agency after me.Anything you guys did to get these gamepal idiots to stop would be great!

  13. I received a call from a collection agency as well stating that I reclaimed an account that I sold to them over a year ago. The guy at the collection agency claimed this was going to go against my credit, can anyone confirm if they are able to do this or is it just a big load of horse shit??? If you have been in the same position please let me know, any advice would be great!

  14. Yes if anyone else has any information about the letter from "Kross, Lieberman & Stone" would be great.

    I highly doubt that this would stand in a court of law, seeing as the accounts are property of blizzard entertainment.

    I'm calling the BBB Monday regarding these scamming morons.

    • I have also got a letter from Kross, Lieberman & Stone claiming I owe them $1500 for an account that gamepal purcahsed for $200. The fact that they are trying to get such a large amount of money when I know for a fact that they did not buy or sell the account for anything near that leads me to believe they are full of it. I'd offer to give them the account back but they never answer their emails so I don't really know what they want, but I'm certainly not paying $1500.

  15. Gamepal are a joke with the way they selectively answer emails only when it suits them, anyway here is my gamepal experience in detail. This all began around the 7th or 8th of January when I decided I would sell them my account and see what they offered. So I logged on to the Gamepal site and was offered $200 US for my account which I accepted. After I accepted the offer I recieved an email saying I would recieve payment within 72 hours, so I waited… After 4 days I decided to email them asking what the hold up was and when I would be getting paid, I recieved no reply to this email or to the email I sent 2 days later. On the 7th day since I had accepted the offer I recieved an email asking for a copy of my passport as photo ID, I was relieved that I had finally had some contact from them and replied instantly by email and attached a photocopy of my passport for them. I recieved another email at that time saying it would be a maximum of 72 hours until I recieved a reply. Over the course of the next 2 weeks I emailed Gamepal on numerous occasions and have never recieved a response from any of the dozen or so emails I must have sent, and never recieved any payment for my account at all.

  16. i sold them an account aswell, for like $`147 they turn around 6months later send me an email saying that i stole the account back, i then recalled the info from plaync (lineage 2 character) and sent them everything down to the correct cd key. all is well no more letters threatening lawsuit. here it is 9 months later about 15 months from original bill of sale date and kross terible and stone calls me and says they will hit ym credit if i dont pay $837. I promptly told her she could go to hell and even though im 21 I have nothing to worry about because my credit is still better than hers. How about we file a class action lawsuit against this man and what he has done? Oh, has anyone actually been taken to court by this 24 year old scamming idiot named eric smith?

  17. i sold them an account aswell, for like $`147 they turn around 6months later send me an email saying that i stole the account back, i then recalled the info from plaync (lineage 2 character) and sent them everything down to the correct cd key. all is well no more letters threatening lawsuit. here it is 9 months later about 15 months from original bill of sale date and kross terible and stone calls me and says they will hit ym credit if i dont pay $837. I promptly told her she could go to hell and even though im 21 I have nothing to worry about because my credit is still better than hers. How about we file a class action lawsuit against this man and what he has done? Oh, has anyone actually been taken to court by this 24 year old scamming idiot named eric smith?

  18. I am interested in conducting a class action lawsuit against Eric Smith and his fraudulent activities. I will be prepared to do this lawsuit within the year. I would like to find out if I can get any support in this. I would like information on how, where, how much it would cost, and where should I go to find information on how to do this. I, like an above poster, bought an account and only received the name and password no additional information that was promised. On the FAQ of there site it states you can email them to get the information. Over 200 emails and months later I havent gotten an email that wasnt an auto reply. I have said I will file a lawsuit and send emails every day and I intend to do so. Please email me at [email protected] if you would be interested in joining a class action lawsuit against gamepal for fraud, theft, and questionable company practices. I think we have one hell of a case and as far as mine goes I have literally hundreds of emails gone unanswered and autoreplied to. I have talked to their currency live chat which is the only one that works and they have told me they would email accounts. Currency also has "Nothing to do this accounts" and cant help. It seems to me like one corrupt scamming scumbag is running a site that screws people over and doesnt understand that people arent going to stand for this much longer. Like I said if you are interested in opening a real class action lawsuit against Eric Smith and Gamepal Inc. email me. I will collect the information such as email addresses and what your particular beef with gamepal is and when I am ready to conduct the suit I will compile the information and present it. I personally want to sue this scumbag for everything he's got. My most recent problem with gamepal isnt even my only encounter with them. I have had problems selling accounts to them, them never answering emails, and live "24/7" (Yeah, right) chat never being up. I had before had no problems buying an account from them, so I decided to. But I never got the information on the account and the email address still hasnt been changed. I understand that the accounts are property of blizzard but I do not believe that us, the customer, has anything to fear from them. The worse that could happen is we can get banned, which cant happen if we never give our account information. It is against blizzard terms of service to sell and buy/trade wow accounts, as well as other companys. It is not however against the law to my knowledge, to sell the time spent on the account. I am not sure on this but would like to make sure. So again, email me your email address, name, and what gamepal did to you. When I am ready to file the suit I will put up a blog site and link it from everywhere that has complaints against gamepal.

  19. Eric and his cohorts, lovely fellas there. I can tell you a bit about how things there work. First submit an account for sale, count on it being stolen, and you WONT be paid. Buy a power level or currency and you wont get what you paid for, IF you get your account back.

    Standard practice is that live chat is to simply pat hands and make empty promises, KNOWING that customers complaints sent to managers will not be taken serioulsy. Emails to complaints or fraud or supervisors go into folders, and then if they rec a reply it is a pre formatted copy and paste. without anyone EVER actually looking at the problem.

    Live chat is simply there to make it SEEM as if they will fix issues. the ONLY issue that will rec a response is if you have a problem GIVING them MONEY. Otherwise, you might as well send your email to " general delivery, USA".

    As for the staffing issues, yes eric smith Owes employees months of back wages. Way to Go Gamepal. Cheat your customers, your employees, and even from what I hear your own business partners.

    There should be a class action suit against them.. millions of dollars have been stolen from customers.
    The IRS should visit eric smith.. check on his tax returns…. I doubt he reports all his income, since lying and cheating is a way of life for him.

    How about that restraining order telling him to CEASE ALL OPERATIONS!!! , gamewar, gametag,,,,, ,,
    among 30+ websites ALLL owned /partnered/controlled by this cheater.

  20. a little off topic but i was looking into them cause the offered good money for my 80. but they wanted all info upfront. no live chat, no armory links… very very strange. thanks for the post Ed. this is a while after your post, but people don't change so they wont be trolling or scamming me. as i said thanks Ed for this warning. i use to power level for people. i'd always run proxy for the area there from. also i'd never put there accounts at risk, also only bot if i was running out of time on my deadline. i only power leveled so i can live :P. i totally respect blizzards actions on banning accounts that have broken the rules but they can't even balance the game.

  21. thx all for comments here i originally have given up wow and was on verge of selling to gamepal with an offer of whopping $854 for my account,after reading loads of comments around the net & since i had no word from them in 2days i emailed them telling them ive wanted my sell cancelled and ive changed all my info pw and emails so they cant touch it.

    wow accounts are like gold dust and I may be giving the game up but im not being scammed for the hard work and money ive paid to put into this account.

  22. This is why, i usually dont go to power leveling at websites enless they say 100% refund gurentee. If they said that. You should sue there pants off. They are making about 20-30k lets say, that money would be yours. Yes its Called False Advertisement, if it is on there website they are advertiseing false adveritsements, make sure u have a paypal log proof that no money was refunded. or your credit card company, Photoshop or editing anything will be very stupid, because companys do go far, they will ask paypal if they did refund so dont lie. If they didnt refund and it had a 100% gurentee, Then Bring ur Paypal logs/cc logs to court with you. with that they cant beat you, Sueing them for what they are worth. Sueing them for there live makings, thats a nice refund, getting 40k more then you spent. Just some advice so you can look on there website and find it, Screen shot it. Get it in a PDF Pronto! if you need more help and dont have PDF files avliable to you, i will be willing to help your case

    MSN: [email protected]

    • I love it when people throw around the idea of suing someone like it’s a form you fill out. Let’s be honest, you’re not going to sue someone over getting your WoW character deleted. First off, try finding a lawyer interested in that case. Even if you do, you’re going to throw down about $2,500 in retainer to start the process. Second, most of these companies are not in the U.S., so good luck getting a real address and serving them. And even if you did successfully sue them, you’re never going to collect a dime of the money.

      The best thing you can do is research the company before doing business with them. Obviously Gamepal, or any company associated with them is not a company you want to deal with.

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